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Install - Need Update July 2012 and DLC Mirage IIIO


33 of the ex-Australian Dassault Mirage IIIO/D aircraft of the PAF were modified to ROSE I standard. The cockpit was modernised with a new head-up display (HUD), "hands on throttle and stick" (HOTAS) controls and new multi-function displays (MFD). New navigation systems, including an inertial navigation system and GPS system, were also installed. Defensive systems upgrades consisted of a new radar warning receiver (RWR), electronic countermeasures (ECM) suite and counter-measure dispensing system, dispensing decoy flares and chaff to confuse enemy missiles and radar.

In 1991, the PAF bought 50 Australian Mirage IIIO/D, 45 of which were refurbished and put into PAF service. The FIAR Grifo M3 radar was then to be fitted to 33 of the Mirage IIIEA/DA fighters which were procured from Australia, following on from the earlier ROSE avionics upgrade integrated by Sagem. It was stated that ROSE I fighters could easily be in service beyond 2010. In early 1999 it was stated that problems in "certain parameters - and errors in certain modes" had surfaced during flight trials of the Grifo M radar in the Mirage III, but these were later solved.

45 of the 50 Dassault Mirage III fighters received from Australia were found to be suitable for service with the PAF, 12 of them were overhauled at PAC and made operational. After being inspected, the remaining 33 were selected for upgrade under Project ROSE. In June 1998 the cockpit upgrades for the 33 Mirage III fighters was completed, including installation of multi-function displays (MFD), head-up display (HUD), HOTAS controls, radar altimeter and a Sagem nav/attack system. The Grifo M multi-mode radar was installed later in a second phase of the upgrade project.

The integration of a new Italian fire-control radar, the FIAR (now SELEX Galileo) Grifo M3, gave Mirage III ROSE I fighters the ability to fire advanced beyond visual range (BVR) radar guided air-to-air missiles. PAF's standard short range air-to-air missile at the time, the AIM-9L Sidewinder, was integrated with the Grifo M3 radar.



Animed Cockpit - SHFT + 1


Temp By Ludo

Texture - paulopanz

mod - Denis Oliveira

Data,Cockpit and UserList.ini - Coupi

Decals - Coupi


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i seem to recall having done these already, for the Indo/Pak mod, over a year ago




Hello Kevin,Your stuff is beautiful,Denis uses the TK DLC MIIIO! I love the Mirage family... in French we say... "quand on aime,... on ne compte pas!" Best regards,Coupi

Edited by Coupi

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if there's anything you want to use out of mine, PLEASE feel free to do so!!!


(forgot to mention, ghostrider883 -Sandesh- and iirc, paulo were part of that mod too!)


coupi, hows the 262 coming along?? :biggrin: and don't forget to check out Bordeaux on the new WW2 Eruo map!! heheheheheheee

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