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I have uploaded the Hanriot HD.2, a float version of the Hanriot HD.1. The download includes two skins and a set of decals. My thanks to ojcar for making the data file and for providing resources for the plane. My thanks also to Nix for the engine sound.





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Another splendid addition!


I've said it before, and I'll probably say it again -- you make wonderful new planes faster than I make mistakes.


Congratulations on this and the innovative new terrain.


I'm tempted to take a break from cleaning up the 9700 to do some skins. 










TK made it possible, but you, ojcar and the rest of us can keep this sim growing.


On to August 2014!


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Got it, thanks! Great job. And these naval schemes are adding a note of new colour to FE - that shadow shading scheme on the Hanriot is really...well, funky, for want of a better word - looks great!

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I saw the camo scheme on a plastic model during an internet search. I have no idea if it's historical, but I liked it so I used it. Purists in the community probably shouldn't use it.

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