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userlist.ini thing

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Well someone older in SF2 matters maybe will enlighten me a bit here. What I understood reading about this new feature userlist.ini was this:


What happens in this situation: 


- operational theater WOI/single missions

- the aircraft is let's say Lybian (Mirage 5D)

- I have two skins , both under Libya flag

- Egypt, in user list used this aircraft between 1971 and 1974

- Libya used it between 1971 and 2020 (well it's not 2020 yet , but you know what i meant)


In this scenario  I thought that IF I choose the plane and choose then Lybia as country from the list, I will see the year list between 1971 and 2020. Similar, if I choose Egypt I thought I will be able to use it just between 1971 and 1974, but for Egypt you can use it until 2020. as well. If the list doesn't limit anything according with the years  each country use it in that file, then what is the point of that file ? Furthermore , it seems I can play with it under any flag found there in the list. Is the file in relationship with data.ini file interval only .or in single mission it doesn't work ? How does it work actually, I don't get it ? (And YES , I read the KB, otherwise I wouldn't be here now writing this post.)

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lol...you gotta be kidding me...TK doesn't speak with my kind, he doesn't have time for chat. I never saw him on this site in threads or maybe I don't know his nick.

I just asked those matters because I thought that who played a lot SF2 series knows well the ropes and knows things in details. Me who I played a lot SF1 WOI I can talk about every detail and trick I learned in all these years. Modding little things like menus, skins repainting, tweaking FM etc all these means experience and knowledge, as you know, is the real power. Some things I discovered them myself or I had lots of moments of revelation about things relating to this sim. I remember, In 2002, I was looking for a military flight sim and this way I ran into TK's sim. Well, it's not F-22TAW value yet but it has a bright future.

If DID didn't abandon games area, companies like Novalogic, Eagle Dynamics or anyone  else would never have existed, that good their sims were, but maybe you know that if you are old enough and played it. When you played something really good, you never forget that taste in your mouth....and you tend to compare everything with it.

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My understanding is that the userlist.ini helps prevent AI aircraft appearing where they shouldn't and in my experience it does it's job very well.


For flyable aircraft it is quite correct (as opposed to historically correct) that you can select any nation available on the drop down menu (same as SF1). 

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so if I get right, its role is to prevent AI planes to appear where they shouldn't, right ? Cause flyable planes it's already clear that have nothing to do with that file.

But I dont' understand a thing, now that  I remembered about data .ini plane's file. In it there's already an END date for that plane (AI plane I'm talking about now) and that AI plane can't fly , let's say the end year is 1980, past 1980, right ? So in that case userlist.ini seems redundant or am I missing something ? And that it's available for all SF series, they all have files with AI planes in it , which have a start and an end date for it.

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You're getting yourself awfully confused. Trust me, in SF2 the userlist.ini does it's job and is not redundant.

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sorry, friend, wrong again


this, below is from the ubiquitious MiG-21MF, straight from the latest data ini, at the 5/13 patch level



















extract BOTH the data and userlist inis and scroll through them


suffice it to say, it works as advertised.


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