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Hello Centurion-1,

I haven't done any tape guages, but this is a little info from TW exporter notes ..


" All movable parts, including individual needles on the gauges, should be made separate mesh. Most instruments will be moved either by simple rotation (needle on the analog gauge, lever on a

switch, etc.) or by simple translation (“vertical” type gauge as seen on F-105). For simple rotation type instrument, its y-axis should be placed at the axis of rotation, i.e, for needle on

the gauge, y-axis should go through the panel, and x-axis should point to the right, z-axis should point up. Artificial horizon should be modeled as a sphere (with enough polys), and its pivot point should be at the center of the “ball”, oriented the same way as the cockpit and the external models."


Here's a jpg from the stock F-105 gauge


I don't know if any of this helps ..

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yes, check F-105 cockpit ini, it's texture movement IIRC, never done any of these though -some artificial horizonts works the same way

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You have one in the source file I sent you for mf1 and in the draken, that's one way, you can also animate them...

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