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How long have to wait the pack of OFF arrives in EU?

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Hoping that this topic is not considered useless, I just would ask European users how much long they have wait the arrive of the pack Over Flanders Fields from USA.
I ask it because I've ordered OFF the 13 september but I'm still waiting, I saw some days later that the pack was send, is normal that it still isn't arrived?

Thank you all

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Hi Ulfur ,i live in the UK i had to wait a couple of weeks but it seems like you have been waiting a while ,i would suggest maybe giving one of the devs a PM and inquiring.Polovski may be able to help ,click on his name on the right hand side above this thread to see his profile ,and then send him a message hope this helps

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      File version 1.1 check the changelog for more info
      This is dual -two cockpits in one!- pack of slightly "what if" cockpits for IAI Sa'ar.
      The cockpits are bit of "creative guesswork" Israeli updates of my SMB2 cockpit released earlier this month.
      The two variants are BOTH installed in the same folder, you have two cockpit ini files so the matter of chosing the right cockpit is which one you'll point towards in SuperMystere_Saar.INI
      SAAR_COCKPIT.INI -this one is basically upgraded and slightly repainted SMB2 cockpit with added RWR and some RHAW annunciators lights.
      SAAR_COCKPIT_Upgraded.INI -this is slightly more advanced with slightly redesigned dashboard and it's frame (annunciators lights, moving of brakes and chute pull levers, removal of SMB2 style attention lights here and there etc) added RWR and tape-style AOA and accelerometer instruments. Currently the AOA doesn't work, blame my brainfarts.
      I have addded new avionics data file that adds simple RWR (vector type, detection based on A-4F one) and 2.7NM range boresight radar for A2A ranging use.
      The simpler version uses simplified gunsight from Kfir, the advanced uses one taken from Nesher to represent avionics, optics and electronics upgrades.
      This pack assumes you have Saar installed in your SF2 installation -the stock Saar version prefferably but should work ok with 3rd party version (or other plane of your choice for that matter)
      Unpack to SuperMystere_Saar folder, overwrite when asked.
      now, by default this pack uses the CockpitDataFile=SAAR_COCKPIT.INI cockpit data, change to CockpitDataFile=SAAR_COCKPIT_UPGRADED.INI to use the other bit more advanced version.
      have fun
      Submitter Stary Submitted 03/06/2016 Category Jet Cockpits  
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      View File Grumman F7F Tigercat cockpits pack
      GRUMMAN F7F-1 and F7F-3N "Tigercat" cockpits pack
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      by Stary and KJakker, version 1.1
      March and August 2015
      Update 1.1:
      -fixes for engine gauges supplied by KJakker, thank you
      -removal of temporary mesh helpers in 3N variant
      What's this:
      This is pack of two dedicated and quite accurate cockpits for the Grumman Tigercat twin engine heavy fighter/point strike fighter aircraft; F7F-1 and F7F-3(N) radar equipped variants respectively.
      Best for late WW2, 1946 and specifically Korea installs. Made for and tested with Geo's excellent Tigercat.
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      NOTE: The pole of the KC-135 extends exceeding 500kN.
      Pack de Aviones Reabastecedores KC-137 y KC-135E
      -KC-137 de la Força Aerea Brasileira, con cockpit y doble Buddy Pack, modelo por TMF
      -KC-135E de la Fuerza Aérea de Chile, con cockpit y pértiga
      NOTA: La pértiga del KC-135 se extiende superando los 500kn.
      Buen vuelo!
      Ari Detomasi
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      View File Skins Pack Gloster Meteor Air.Corps.Ireland
      A small packet of skins for a small tribute to the Air. Corps.Ireland.
      We thank Ranwers for the mod, Texx for the template, and all of you for sharing
      As I have already said in many of my posts, you are free to modify, how, where, and how much you want the Skins, but as a non-profit now that I'm on the net, it is a good of the entire community Il2Sturmovik.
      Have Fun!
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      View File Multinational Speech Pack
      Multinational Speech pack version 1.0 for Strike Fighters 2
      SHould work on any type of SF2 installation.
      This is a compilation of speech packs brought together by me from original files mainly made for IL-2 Sturmovik and released as part of DBW. Due to the limited phrases available, it is intended more for immersion than for accuracy. I can't claim any credit for the actual recording, but I did some re-editing and re-processing to better bring the files in line with SF2. I've also included a re-processed version of Gramps' Russian Speech Pack available on Combatace.
      BE WARNED: If you speak any of these languages you may not enjoy how they fit into the game. For the most part I tried to find phrases that fit the different SF2 files in general meaning, but they are far from perfect, and a few are actually just random.
      You may want to turn on subtitles, at least until you get used to the different phrases.
      Special note to my fellow New Zealanders: I humbly apologise for lumping us in with the Aussies, but it was the closest I could get ;-)
      Credits and huge thanks:
      Original files provided as part of the awesome Dark Blue World mod from SAS.com for IL-2:
      Originals from GONVISE for IL2:
      Originals from Azrael-WT, TIGERLIU, CrazyDog, Northeastern Panda, Liu MM, TIGERLIU, bwhorse, treefanweijia, llb00825, bwhorse for IL2:
      Originals from EECH and first converted by Richard "Gramps" Kaminski:
      As for the Arabic, I actually can't remember where I got them from, but thanks to whoever made them.
      Place whichever pack you desire into the Speech sub-folder of your main mod folder
      eg: ...username/Saved Games/Thirdwire/StrikeFighters2 Europe/Speech/German
      then go to the flight folder and open the NATIONS.ini file to edit whatever nationality you want to use that particular language. Making sure to use the EXACT same spelling as the folder you're pointing to.
      DisplayName=German Luftwaffe
      SpeechFile=German <------edit this line
      DisplayName=East German Air Force
      SpeechFile=German <------------------and again
      It's as easy as that.
      You can use different languages for as many different countries as you wish and whenever you fly for that particular country, that is the language you will hear.
      This pack is strictly freeware. Use however you want, so long as it's free.
      Have fun!
      Submitter thereg Submitted 11/16/2012 Category In Game Speech  

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