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Interview With Ravenclaw_007

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CombatACE Spotlight Special With ravenclaw_007


"This place was and still is great ...Especially the willingness of helping newbies to make there first step into moding and eventually to become a modder is something I like very much on CA" -ravenclaw_007



For this week’s CombatACE Spotlight Special our next mod author calls Germany his home; a home served well, and who has been a member here at CombatACE for seven years. He is also known for his helpful nature and for the many weapons he creates that many of us enjoy dropping on our digital enemies. Thank you, ravenclaw_007, for taking the time to do this interview with us.


So, can you tell us little about yourself?

I´m 55 years old and single again; I´m disabled and on pension as result of a brain surgery where a large part of my tumor was removed.

I served for 12 years in the German army aviation as [a] flight mechanic; my aircraft was a Sikorsky CH-53G

After my Army time, I was in [the] Philippines for 10 years as [a] technical consultant. After my return to Germany, my tumor was detected and my troubles started.


What interest you about aviation?

The flying and the technique. I love the challenge to hold a aircraft airworthy and to fix and solve problems during flight.

Have you ever seen the faces of passengers during a refueling when a flight mechanic is going out on a rotor blade and fix a delamination with a [piece of] duct tape and then tell them to go back onboard? This [these] faces you never forget.


What is your favorite aircraft and why?

For WWII fighters the Me-109, we made a formation flight with CH-53 a Ju-52 and Me-109 (Buchon) over Switzerland during an air show. Something I'll never forget, we opened our loading ramp to make some pictures of the Ju-52 and the Me-109, to see them up close in the air [which] was really special for helicopters. The Sikorsky CH-53G for obvious reason for fighters the F-4E/F, I have some special memory there (long story).


Can you tell us a little more about the air show?

This air show was at a small lake in the mountains the location is called Hütten and the benefit was for disabled children, date 19.07.1987. The German Air Force and Army was invited because the Swiss Air Force could not participate because of some legal issue. 

It was only the second time after the war that German aircraft are allowed to participate at such an event in Switzerland


Aircrafts from the German armed forces:

- Tornado (German Navy)

- C-160

- Bo-105

- CH-53G


This is the only air show where the audience can look from on top on the aircraft approaching [as] they stay above the edge of the valley. After we made our presentation, we landed on the left side of the valley for static display and almost blew [a] hotdog stand away!



What got you interested in flight simulation?

During my time in the Philippines, I saw a guy playing an A-10 simulation. That was the moment I got interested and bought my first game. Playing on that old 386 I had is no comparison to today; but this A-10 game was great


You’ve been a member here since 2006. How did you find CombatACE and what made you stay for so long? 

It is only 7 years now, so [it’s] not that long. I was searching for an add-on for SF1 and found CA , this place was and still is great so I stayed and enjoy it every day.

Especially the willingness of helping newbies to make there first step in to moding and eventually to become a modder is something I like very much on CA


When did you start modding?

I don’t remember the year but my first mod was a Me-109 skin for IL-2 and after I discovered CA I started to make skins for SF-1


What does modding do for you? Is it something that is relaxing and neat hobby etc?

In the beginning it was a hobby, today it is much more than that it is a way to keep me busy and my brain working

I´m not the fastest modder but I like to finish a project and make it as accurate as possible I think the weapons I made for SF-2 shows that.


What modding tools do you use and why?

3ds max and paint shop pro x3, 3ds max is the only program which models can be exported from and paint shop is easy to use.


index.php?app=downloads&module=display&s I see you released an F-4E USAF Pack, which is an awesome update to the TW, BPAO, and Crab_02 models. How long did it take you to complete the project?

It is still an ongoing project, I don’t remember how long it took because I was working on it the same time on other projects as well like the Rafale or the F-16 but I hope I can finish all the F-4E/F soon.

Do you have plans to make or update other types of aircraft?

There is a long list already but after the F-4E/F I have to finish the RF-8A/G, other projects on the list are

- Viggen family

- Recce Kfir

- A-4K cockpit

and a lot more weapons.


What is your favorite mod that you have created?

It was the Buccaneer project I took over from Russouk2004 and it is now even available for FSX.


What is your favorite mod that you did not create?

AH-64 and Su-27.


Who is a Modder you admire or has inspired you to start modding?

There are two; I admire Bpao for the work he did and how willing he was to help. He always gave you an answer to your question. He will be truly missed, and there is Amokofloo/Florian who patiently help and teach me 3ds max without him I could not have done it.



Thank you ravenclaw_007 for taking the time to do an interview and for sharing your story with us. Come back next week for another CombatACE Spotlight Light Special. Until then I'm Skyviper wishing everyone out there happy landings.

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Total respect mate. Nice to know there's someone older than me too ; )

Hahaha....  i never checked the age of the members here but now i think i have to bevor somebody awards me with a wheelchair  :grandpa:

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