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Can you make Weapons more/less Shiny or Matt?

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Hi All, I know you can add




to the aircraft skin and edit the figures to make the skin more/less gloss or matt but it does nothing when added to either the weapon data.ini or the weapon.ini. Has anyone any ideas how it's done?


Many Thanks!........................................................IanH

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Bugger - Teras made some CFT's for a What-If Iraqi Typhoon and myself and Ace888 are trying to use them to simulate the latest Tranche 3 Eurofighter but the mapping isn't very good (1 pixel is about 6cm2 on the skin) and they're Very shiny (50's polished metal shiny!) rather than a modern Matt finish.


The black dots on the CFT's are 1 pixel on the skin map!



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Yeap, they were designed around an older Eurofighter model and I just copy/pasted the co-ords from that model just to check it worked so it's "not pretty" at the moment :grin:

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