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SF2 V&W Class Destroyer Pack

V/W Class destroyer pack for World War II in SF2:NA installs.




Model and Skins by Stephen1918.


Data files, Names list, decals, guns, and weapons, by KJakker.


The Mk VIII torpedo uses the "Mk48 Torpedo.LOD" and "Misc.bmp". If you made these let me know and I will credit you.




Ships included represent four variants of the V and W Class destroyers.


A general V/W Class, the Fast AA Escort, Short Range Escort, and the Long Range Escort.


Included are Decals for each ship's pennant number, as wall all necessary guns and weapons for each ships type plus some optional guns.




These models are not to be used in any commercial or for-profit packages. However, they may be used in freeware mods.


Installation for SF2: Simply extract each folder into the matching folders in your mod directory.


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Update 1.1 on 12/19/2013 for the V/W Class destroyer pack for World War II in SF2:NA and 5 full merged installs.




1. Adjustments to the guns in all ship data files.


The AA Pom-Pom mounts on the "BritishLongRangeEscort" and the "BritishShortRangeEscort" have had their elevation and traverse rate adjusted to reflect RPC (Remote Power Control) on the mounts on these ships. The  

"VWClassDestroyer" representing early war ships does not have this update.


Slight changes made to all data files due the number 2.


2. Small adjustments and some additions have been made the the included guns.


3. Overhaul of the Mk VIII Torpedo based on advice from Fubar512.


4. The addition of "..._DATA_ALT.ini" data files as an optional alternative. These alternate data files represent improved effectiveness air defenses for the ships via some changes gunner data and alternative gun variants.


To use the alternate Data file just comment out the default "ObjectDataFile=" entry and uncomment the alternate entry in each ship types' main INI file.


All information in the original readme file that is not contradicted by this one still applies.


Installation: Same as in Original ReadME file. 


If you already have V1.0 of the pack then just allow this updated version to overwrite it.


Delete the "12pdr_20cwt_QF_HA2" from the "Guns" folder in the Mod folder that you have installed the V/W pack to. 


It has been replaced by the "12pdr_20cwt_QF_HA_H".

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