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Hi Erik


Many thanks ive sent you a PM ..I dont mind either way Bud.If you reimburse il grab the packs directly,if you manage to sort out the Email then thats fine aswell.I belive the packs can be Gifted? not 100% sure how that works though,

Would contacting Polovski or Winding Man,or Sandbagger help at all? just a thought mate.Thank you very much for the prize and for my CA subscription 


Best Regards: Adger

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I received an Email from Erik about 30 mins ago.He very Kindly gifted me both the Fokker scourge add on ,and the Skins pack for winning the WOFF pool,and to top it off i received a 12mth subscription as a Premier member of

Combat Ace.I downloaded both packs with absolutely no trouble whatsoever.Id like to say a massive thank you to him for these prizes he did,nt have to gift me the Add ons he could have just gifted me WOFF (which he knew i had),so for him to do that im extremely grateful

Anyway...im WOFF  :biggrin:  to go and install the 2 packs ive won.Massive Kudos to Erik for this prize,all the very best to you and your family.


kindest regards:Adger

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Thank you Keith,its a great prize,just as i was  about to start saving for the 2 packs...my lad needed new Footy boots....bloody kids :biggrin: ,so to win them was brilliant.

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I also want to thank folks for keeping us honest here at CA. We're human too, and sometimes things fall through the cracks. We want folks to know when something like this happens, it is not for any reason other than pure error...we want folks to be confident that our promotions are legitimate and that we do not intentionally cause problems for our members.



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