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IL-10 "Beast"

The Ilyushin Il-10 (NATO reporting name: "Beast") was a Soviet ground attack aircraft developed at the end of World War II by the Ilyushin construction bureau.It was also license-built in Czechoslovakia by Avia as the Avia B-33.

After the war, until the early 1950s, the Il-10 was a basic Soviet ground attack aircraft. It was withdrawn from service in 1956.

The Il-10 and its licensed variant, the Avia B-33, became a basic ground attack plane of the Warsaw Pact countries. From 1949 to 1959, the Polish Air Force used 120 Il-10s (including 24 UIl-10), and 281 B-33s.

In Poland, the B-33 was modified to carry 400 l fuel tanks under its wings. From 1950 to 1960, Czechoslovakia used 86 Il-10s, including six UIl-10s, and about 600 B-33s. From 1949 to 1956, the Hungarian Air Force used 159 Il-10s and B-33s, named "Párduc" (Panther). From 1950 to 1960, the Romanian Air Force used 14 Il-10s and 156 B-33s. Bulgaria also used these aircrafts.


In the late 1940s, 93 Il-10 and UIl-10s were given to North Korea. They were then used in the 57th Assault Aviation Regiment during the early phase of the Korean War. They were initially used with success against the weak anti-aircraft defense of South Korean forces (following the US refusal to supply the south with "heavy weapons"), but then they suffered heavy losses in encounters against the USAAF fighters and were bombed on the ground themselves. After several weeks, about 20 remained. In the summer of 1950, North Korea received more aircraft from the USSR. The North Koreans claimed to sink a warship on 22 August 1950 with Il-10s, but it was never confirmed.

From 1950, Il-10s were used by the People's Republic of China, in two regiments of an assault aviation division. They were used in combat during a conflict with the Republic of China, (Taiwan), over border islands in January 1955. They remained in service until 1972 (replaced by Nanchang Q-5). From 1957, Yemen used 24 B-33s.



As we realy needed this plane for every early cold war scenery (KAW, SF2EU, TSF, Taiwan, Timor ....) I decided to finish it at all cost and skin in every known post war liveries.

This is a real team work (see credits)




- the beast (at last!)

- 29 all around world skins (I lacked only Yemen & Indonesia ones, due no pics found)

- pilots

- guns

- weapons




- Aleks original model

- Cocas 3D upgrading & fixing

- Spillone104 3D debugging and fishing up (a new proper back Mg!), sounds

- Baffmeister fantastic FM setings

- Paulopanz skins, decals & screens




- canopy open 10 key




- all in your mod folder and overwrite




- some chinese numbers I wasn't able to find/make by myself .....




@ paulopanz

PS: The "Párduc" is for Gaunt, my personal Hungarian expert and friend. This realise was eagerly waited by Jonathan: here you are old viking let's go. :big_boss:


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many thanks to all involved!

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thks so mucch. do you plan on doing the il-2 in future?


No I don't. Maybe if DAT will improve their old one I can do a few postwar skins.....


Like some their Pe-2 I have on my HD from sometimes.


But I'm skinning the Su-25 the new  sturmovik!

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It appears the VVSNum decal TGAs are missing from the file uploaded here. Are those decals included in any of your other uploads?




Eric Howes

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