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some months ago, somebody asked about this.

I have one. What little data is available seems to indicate they only served within the Continental US, and were retired by late 48/early 49


Is there any interest in my releasing it?? Just for fun, grins and giggles kind of thing? I'm pretty sure it's the L model.

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what info do you have on them serving post war?  most i could find was some french and Italian into the 50's.  defineatly couldn't find anything about ANG usage..

mark em up rather than generic and hell ya i'm interested

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data comes from 2 lines of text and one photo in the Detail and Scale book (for USAF) China had a few during the civil war (both sides; prolly less than a dozen total) AdA and AMI phased them out pretty quickly.

I've got 2 skins for it; generic NM for 1944-Oct 47, and the post-47 seen above. So, it usefull for both late WW2 and post-war. The star didn't change (adding the red stripe to the white bar) until the USAF was officially formed in 47, so the ww2 star-and-bar is historically correct on ALL US aircraft of the time (even the Navy! :) )


OTH, don't forget the P-38M Night Lightnig was in use by the Occupation Forces in Japan, and some in China before the commie take over. All that one would need is the new AvHistory engine sound, maybe some data in tweeks, and the post-47 star. IIRC, they also got retired in 1949.


French in Indochina? Wouldn't have have just used their Thunderbolts, like in Algeria??


it all makes for good 'what ifing', huh?


I guess I'll assemble a pack, and you all can have fun with it. Wish we had a better pit; Wolfs is quite long in the tooth!

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yes, indeed. I have a full listing.


I'm also thinking some of the AdA and AMI's might have been F-5; the recon variant. But they don't count!! :blind:

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