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Link for soviet air units

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This is a very detailed site with lot of information.

I don't know the degree of exact accuracy, but I am sure it will interest campaign designers

Edit : the site is very reliable for Luftwaffe info, so I basically trust them, but I am not an expert

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Interesting inded. Comparing VVS and PVO, the PVO has the P-63s, and some Spit 5s. There were about 2 thousand P-63s in PVO at war's end, and it had good altitude ability. Thanks!!

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Here are some of the links to WW2 Soviet air units and aces I routinely use when designing campaigns (at the moment, 3 works in progress for Wings over Russia). Using a translator or reading Cyrillic characters may be useful. I still miss an accurate database for the bases and dates of transfer for all of these units, which may have been as many and often as for their German counterparts.


  • Units (operational dates, campaigns fought, planes used, parent units...) :








  • Organization :






  • Aces :





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