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Soviet Hercules Hurricane MkIIa

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Soviet Hercules Hurricane MkIIa

Soviet Hercules Hurricane MkIIa For SF1 06 Patch Level Installs.


This Mod is a 'What If' Hurricane Mk.IIA fitted with a 'Bristol Hercules', 14-cylinder two-row radial engine.


To Install: UnZip and drop the Soviet_R_IIa folder into the Aircraft folder,Weapons to the weapons folder, Sound in the Sound folder.

Adding Weapons and Guns: You need to use the SF1 06 patch level weapons editor to add weapons, SF1 Gun editor.


Canopy opens with the 0 key.


Dirt: I left the paint mostly cleen. If you want it dirty, Go for it.


Pilot Note: "PilotWW2Navy" is used untill a more Rusian WWII pilot is Modded that fits the cockpit.





Engine Sound: The Engine Sound is from a real Bristol Hercules radial at 100% power.

Cockpit: The 'Coolent Temperature Gage' has been replaced with an 'Engine Temperature Gage'.

Templates: Dew to the complexity of the 'Nose' that skin template is not reduced layer.


Change Log:


Cockpit By Me.


AC 3D Model,Textures,Sound File and Decals Myself.

Light Fix: Wrench

This Mod is Freewear and not to be sold!




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it's cool!!


but the under wing pylons (meshes) seem to be missing, as the drop tanks are hanging in space!!



never mind! dopey me was using the other tank, without the built in pylon! all fixed now! :)

Edited by Wrench

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