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A-10A and C Thunderbolt II "Warthog" Pack

June. 24, 2016
Version 1.6 Full Update Package A-10A and C Thunderbolt II "Warthog" Pack
Content size of Install files 1.82GB unzipped.


CLEAN INSTALL REQUIRED! Remove Aircraft Folders,
all other folders can be overwritten.


Drop the contents of the Install folder into the Game Root folder. e.g.
X:\Users\UserName\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 Israel\
Overwrite when asked.


AddAllToWeapons.ini is located in the Weapons folder and added to the Game Weapons by using
the Weapons editor. Open the Weapons Editor, browse to the Weapons folder in question and
open the WEAPONDATA.INI (Extract it if you don't have it in the Weapons Folder with CAT Extract)
Then choose Import/Merge and open AddAllToWeapons.ini and pick Save. If you want the New
LAU-3A to show up rather than the Stock LAU-3A, open the WeaponsData.INI you just added
weapons to and paste the Data provided in the AddAllToWeapons.ini manually for that Weapon.
Reason is that if the weapon already exists it wont overwrite it. Once you've pasted in the Data open
the WEAPONDATA.INI with the Weapons Editor, open the WEAPONDATA.INI again and Save.


Extras Folder contains files for optimized play. Use at discretion.


\Flight\ Folder:
FLIGHTENGINE.INI [unlimitedDetailOption] MaxTextureRes=0
NATIONS.INI With Nations from SF:2 and added New World Order and U.S. Army.
SOUNDLIST.INI obviously stock plus added sounds.
VIEWLIST.INI Taken from SF:2 and optimized for wide angle screen shots.


\Objects\ Folder:
AIRCRAFTOBJECT.INI Changed to keep CCIP from showing through solid Cockpit sections.


\PilotData\ Folder:
SQUADRONLIST.INI My collection of Squadrons, to allow the A-10 Squadrons to show
up and use decals correctly.


These may be dropped into their respective folders to use. Backup your files before overwriting.




The package includes:


Updated A-10A and C Thunderbolt II "Warthog" Model of the 3.0 released by Wpnssgt, re-released as version v1.0
A-10 Squadrons represented 18FS, 25FS, 45FS, 47FS, 66WS, 74FS, 75FS, 76FS, 78FS, 81FS, 91FS, 92FS, 103FS, 104FS,
107FS, 184FS, 190FS, 303FS, 333FS, 354FS, 355FS, 356FS, 357FS, 358FS. Plus Extra Skins.




Wpnssgt - Original model and post v3.0 3D Modifications.
Spectre8750 - 3D Modifications
Russouk2004 - 3D Modifications
Sundowner - Skin Template, Skins.
Spectre8750 - Skins, Decals.
A-10 Aces II Seat - Ravenclaw_007.
Diego - USAF Pilot






Dave, Spectre8750


Ejection Seat system - Stary.
Tracer Smoke Emitter - Stary.
30mm GAU-8\A Effect - Deuces.




A special Thanks to Mike (Wpnssgt) and Kesselbrut for all their work and allowing me to take on this project.


Thanks for downloading, hope you enjoy.


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  • V1.1J Update Only and Full: May 31, 2015

Refined and cleaned up Models for SF:1 Series.

Fixed Loadout.ini's that had SF2 format.

Updated RWR Intrument.

Updated Weapons for SF:1 Series.

Updated Squadronlist.ini. - Can be used in any other mods I've done.

SHARKTEETH2 and SHARKTEETH3 Added for skins in the Generic Decals Folder.

Other minor tweaks.

Edited by Spectre8750

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v1.6 is posted, waiting approval.

Current posted Screenshots here do not reflect the new model updates.

Edited by Spectre8750
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      Changelog :
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      Crédits :
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      - Cockpit : Brain32 and Centurion-1
      - Skins and decals : Ludo.m54.
      - Templates : Brain32, ACE888 and Ludo.m54.
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      Ari Detomasi
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