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What exactly doesnt work?...what games have you?...merged install,?

I assume you know that the game files are stored differently?,sf2 series is a total different kettle of fish as to location of files


Did you ...

Install all sf2 games,

Patch accordingly

Run them all once,to create game folders in ...C:\Users\XXX\Saved Games\ThirdWire

you can run stck game from the exes,but if you add on any other items you will need to create the new folders.

Such as terrains etc...

check your games you install look like pic....stock ones first...


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I have been playing flight sims since F17 came out on floppy disk. My games are allways installed on a seperate hard disk in a folder called games. I currently play DCS and have most of the aircraft, also IL sturmovik from the original to the last release. I have F16 in three differing formats, in fact, including being a twenty two years practicing paraglider, there is little I have not flown.

After installation, I press the exe, the game starts to load then shuts off, I have no idea why. I installed all the games in the correct order and the updates. Even just the original game on it's own, meaning without the separate one's like Europe,  Israel etc ;  fails to open. I have no mods, never started the game to do any.

I run Avast internet security, the best.

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I run Avast internet security



This is most likely your problem.

Look around these forums, in the last week there are at least 2 different thread of Avast users having their SF2 game corrupted and destroyed

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Avast was the culprit. Never bothered any of my other games. Admittedly this was a downloaded copy that had a win32 downloader trogan reported but it was a false positive. I'm pretty sure that Avast was being over protective, not a bad thing for a free program.

If anyone knows where I can purchase the game legitimately, please do tell. I've tried and cannot find.

Thanks Wrench

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