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The VERY FIRST computer-based flight sim

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Checking through some old pictures and found this one, dated summer 1985, of green-screen flight simulator version 1 which my father had installed on his Apple IIe. You can sort of make out some instruments to the default Cessna 172 which takes off from where else but the now-defunct Meigs Field in downtown Chicago...post-17847-0-56703500-1417551039_thumb.jpg

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If I remember correctly, the first flight simulator for the PC ( IBM compatible clones at that time ), was the wire-framed green display by Microsoft.

At work we used this first MS flight simulator and Lotus 123 as a " Test " to confirm compatibility of the clone PC's our company was using. This

was before any Windows OS was available. Had to get enough free memory to get the mouse to work. Anyone remember QEMM ??

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