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  1. Bowe Bergdahl charged with desertion

    I live about 3 hrs from Hailey ( Meridian, Idaho ), and not many people here bring up this subject. It's like no one wants to talk about it. Maybe they feel ashamed for our state, just not sure. I do know that he needs to take ownership of his actions, and be held accountable. Right now his defense team is talking for him. The latest from them is that he left his base because he felt that his superiors would not take his grievances seriously there, so he wanted to walk to another different US Base. This contradicts already established facts as presented by his fellow soldiers’, and is ridiculous anyway.
  2. Mission4Today hacked

    M4T back on-line. What a great site. Like previously mentioned, some people......
  3. Homeworld 1 & 2 Remastered

    Website says available Feb. 25th 2015. I loved the series, many hours spent. I will go for it for sure. I would imagine it would play OK on my marginal system. Thought about Elite Dangerous, but just don't have a good enough box for that, even though it's not an RTS, but looks fun.
  4. CFM ( Compressed Full Monte ) coming soon I hear.
  5. Thanks, works for me. Was using 1.28E for the longest of time. Thank you sir ! Been using 1.28E fo the longest of time.
  6. Have the same issue myself, not sure why either.
  7. Thanks, much appreciated. Downloaded and being used.
  8. DCS can be a little overwhellming, a true study sime, not so easy. Even the beginning series, you could see where it was heading.
  9. X-Plane for Android Review

    Tried this, and pretty decent on mine.
  10. WOFF wins CA Awards!

    Yes, FE & WOFF are my goto WW1 Sims, WOFF 2.0 is fantastic, but needs a fast box.
  11. @Erik

    Looking forward to this. Thanks for all the hard work.
  12. In Idaho, speed varies, but is OK most of the time, but Yeah, a little slow at times.
  13. Membership Drive 2014

    I am off & on w/membership....when ever I can aford it. IMO, the site membership is a little higher than others, but still well worth it.
  14. Another Cold War Tune

    I remember this, and lived through it too.
  15. My haul

    Not too shabby, have fun.

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