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This is my first post and I have many questions, so please bear with me….


I have installed the Default SF2, SF Vietnam, SF Europe, and SF Israel in that order--all in the same folder.


I also installed on top of those an update: SF2_Israel_update_Mar2010.exe


All of the above are in one folder, at C:\Program Files\ThirdWire\Strike Fighters 2.





1.Any mistake in the above order or choice of update?


2. In the pdf Readme, I saw a Hunter jet is available. I do not have one and where can I get one?


3. I saw a Javelin is available to download. It says put the files in the Mods folder. Where is that Mods folder? I did not find it… Is there an RAF Lightning jet also anywhere?


4. Long ago, when SF came out and we waited ages for the 1st patch, I had painted a skin for an AI Canberra. Where is the skins folder?


5. Finally, can anyone suggest 10 command mappings for basic Air to Air  and Air to Ground mission play?

My stick has 11 buttons, one button (trigger) is for the gun, and the other 10 buttons are available to assign commands to.

I suppose these will have to include 2 or 3 radar target acquisition commands so I can have the target locked.


I plan to delete the Israel SF version, as that is a theater I do not care for. I saw screenshots here of WWII planes. Is there a WWII SF version anywhere?

I plan to uninstall all the versions above and make a fresh start—keep that in mind also and perhaps suggest a different order. I am also interested in US Navy ops with carriers, if they exist.





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You're posting in the wrong forums.

These are for what we call "1stGens", which is SFP1, WoE, WoV, WoI.


I'll move this thread to the correct SF2 forum.




Also, you might want to read the SF2 Knowledge Base, expecially this post:




Basically, SF2 sets up (almost) exactly like 1stGens, but the "core files" (game system operatians files) are in the protected region of the HD.

The Mods Folder will be found in your "Saved Games" folder.


As to the Hunter, there are 11 versions 'stock' in game (1-9, plus export versions)

There are 7 EE Lightning versions available (including export)


As to Canberra's -NOT- B-57s, but real RAF/RAAF Canberras, there are 3 different variants (2, 6, 20)


Key mapping is basically what YOU are comfortable with; having the most important one mapped to the stick (weapons selection, etc)


WW2 is a whole different ball game, and we have a SF2 WW2 forum for just that!


I'd leave SF2I installed, but just don't run the SF2:I exe, and it won't create a mods folder. In essense, each fo the sf2 executables will create separate mods folder, in other words, 4 separate game (5 if you have SF2:NA - which is a kinda requirement for it's built in carrier ops coding)


by chance, are you the same Nick Tselepides from long time ago???

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by chance, are you the same Nick Tselepides from long time ago???


Meaning, are you the Nick Tselepides who used to post on the SF1 forums at simHQ about 10-12 years ago?

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I am the same Nick Tselepides-- older but with soul refreshed.


Thanks for your replies.


Please give me a link for where you have you have moved my post to.


I cannot find a Saved  folder--where is it?


What is SF2:NA and where Can I get it?


For which SF version are the Hunter and the Lightning?





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Welcome back Nick!

I remember you very well from simhq back in the days.

SF2NA = Strike Fighters 2 North Atlantic you can get it in the Thirdwire online store.



The most hunters and Lightnings come with Thirdwire´s expansions pack 2.

The saved games folder is under your local user f.e. : C:\Users\Carlo\saved games


Kind regards,


Edited by Soulfreak

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Just to whet your appetite, some screenshots from a (modded) install of SF2NA:


MiG-29K on approach to its carrier, passing the battle group's plane guard destroyer:




MiG-29K, ready to trap on the Ulyanovsk:






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Nick, I moved the post the the SF2 General Discussion Fourm


if you've downloaded them recently, they (the sf2 games) should all be a the July 2013 patch level. This will also allow you to buy (if you wish) the various DLC (Down Loadable Content) paks TK has produced.



It's good to see you back! I remember your posts during the Olympics in Athens.


When you get settled into the SF2 series, you might find this terrain's 'modern' version fun to fly over.




while (mostly) designed for the SF2NA environment, as it has the 'carrier zones', it can be used without (better with it, however! for flying off carriers!). My apologies that the Corinth Canal is slightly incorrect


again, Welcome Back!!

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I can't afford that patch for the moment. The financial crisis here has removed 60% of our income and things are bad.


I bought a Dell Inspiron laptop recently and that put me back by 280 euros. However, I can fly fsx, fs9, and SF on it and I can now sit in the living room near the wife while flight-simming.and watch TV with one eye and fly with the other...


I am still gettting to grips with a fresh install of 4 SF versions, after 3 installs and uninstalls and reinstalls. I tried to add a Mystere skin (CamoEC2-12Savigny.zip) and got things screwed up, reinstalled all 4 SFversions, and then I tried to add a Gloster Javelin (Javelin8&9.7z) and screwed up my games again and to reinstall all 4 again.

I have SF2, SF Vitenam, SF Europe  and SF Israel.


If anyone can tell me htow to install the Javelin, I would be grateful. I am also looking for an EE :Lightning jet.Where would that be? And Spitfire, Hurricane, Me-109, P--51?


Today I will map my joystick buttons and test results till I have them to my taste.

I am still with one leg on the ground, or--as Wallace Stevens the poet put it so nicely--"I join the birds here for company, but at a distance, in another tree."


Attached is a water-color retouched with gouache I made back in 2000 and which was published in a magazine here. This is a scan of the mag page, the article was on RAF pilots and I had written its text also.


I also want to do repaints of aircraft, but I must first relearn where they go and what else is required.


Wrench, the terrain you made looks good. Which version do I put it in?






Edited by tselepides

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Before you add anything Nick, you should start every game 1st.

Then automaticly the nod folders will be created.

After taht you can add the mods you want into the specific mod folder of the game you want to add it.

I really recommend that you browse through the SF2 knowledgebase and

learn the basics, cause SF2 is much different from SF1.


The Lightning comes with Expansion pack 2, or you have to convert the SF1 Lightning to SF2 Standart.



You should browse through the download section, it is very well organized.

And most of the things you are looking for are there. ;-)

Edited by Soulfreak

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Is there an F-104 anywhere?




you my friend haven't dived too deeply into the Downloads section...........................

since you have SF2E the question isnt is there a F-104..... its what flavor Zipper would you like?

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