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Several issues with mod folder

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I have few problems..i have SF2NA as latest installed..


i did make new icon and enter it to create automatically mod folder


i had to create my own weapons folder and stuff..no matter what ive tryed i didnt had missile on airplanes that i wanted to had


first i put those missiles in for example saved games/thirdblabla/SFNA2MOD/Weapons/ >> didnt worked out


then i put missiles in airplane folders like saved games/thirdblabla/sfna2mod/objects/aircrafts/mig29/R-27 or whatever.. didnt worked out


dunno what to do anymore im pissed..help appreciated..

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What plane, what weapon, what era?  Most likely the specific plane is not configured to carry the designated weapon.


Weapons indeed go the weapons folder. Planes to the Aircraft folder.


If you give more details I can help more




And please, ask SF2 NA questions  in the SF2 NA forum )

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well for example k-100 missile on su27,su30 in latest era..latest year choosen i dont have it in loadout at all

mig 29 - R-27 , R-73 they dont even show up in loadout..and i have them in weapons folder latest era aswell


american planes f15 for example thers no amraam 120 at all in loadout and its in weapons folder..


im sorry cuz i missed forum :(

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I'm just about to rework a lot of eastern plane's loadout, including the MiG-29 too. If I remember it has it's own weapons included with the package. I assume you got the Mirage factory addon 2.0

As for the F-15, I can't say, as I have no AMRAAM missile installed.


But generally, there are two files to determine if a weapon shows up in the list. In your case,  ..objects/aircraft/MiG-29/MiG-29_data.ini,  ..objects/weapons/AA-10A/AA-10A_data.ini


Data have to match:

AllowedWeapon type, Store type (nationality) and availability date in both file.

Weapon length, diameter and weight limits if any. within the plane data.ini.

StationSpecific codes IF present, must be the same in both files. (it is a limitation for some weapons not be loaded elsewhere)


Weapon must be in the weapons folder,  the folder name must match the weapon.ini file.   For example,  AA-10C  for AA-10C.ini

In the weapon.ini, the line should point at the correct data.ini

It should be different, but in the ini it should be written correctly.

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      In the book "Israeli Mirage and Nesher Aces" by Shlomo Aloni, I have found the information that: Throughout its 20 years of service, the Mirage III underwent just four major technical changes in IDF/AF service – theintroduction of the ‘holding switches’, replacement of the Cyrano with ballast, swapping the Atar 9B for the 9C and, finally, removal of part of the ballast at ace Kobi Richter’s request in 1977. This moved the centre of gravity backwards, cutting minimum speed from 150 to 120
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      4) how much has the center of gravity changed?

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