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Thirdwire F-104A/C Pack 1

Thirdwire F-104A and C pack 1





Includes new Hi Res skins and revised flight models along with everything needed to fly them.






F-104A (GE-3B engine & Internal Gun)

USAF ADC & ANG, Jordan (RJAF), Pakistan (PAF), Taiwan (ROCAF)



F-104A (GE-11A engine)

Pakistan (PAF)



F-104A (GE-19 engine)


Default is the initial high thrust rating - but an alternate data.ini is inluded for the reduced thrust GE-19 version.



F-104C (GE-7A engine)

USAF TAC (shooting star silver schemes)



F-104C 1961 (GE-7A engine)

Adds centerline AIM-9 catermaran under Project Grindstone (that was never used.)

USAF TAC (Early Vietnam silver scheme)


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    • By MigBuster

      Today we are taking a trip back to 2004, a time when as you can see from the photo above featured PC CDROMs!
      Before Internet speeds for most were high enough to consider sending entire game files they had to distribute games to people using good old fashioned Compact Disks. The shiny CD came complete with its own (Jewel) case with cover and even a printed manual. As you can see a time when even Thirdwire had to distribute games and make them look like games used to - the manual even tells me to go to http://www.softwarehelpdesk.co.uk/ for technical support…………..ha looks like that domain is up for sale! 

      Looking at the back we can see it even ran on Windows ME with 256MB of RAM! - Yes, I had to look back to remember what Win ME was – the very last of the Win 9x line before Microsoft thankfully ditched that and we got Win 2000 then Win XP.  Of course, in 2004 or nearly all of that decade Win XP was the only game in town for home users and it was great for its time.

      For anybody who had bought Strike Fighters: Project 1, a Vietnam game was a logical and most welcome step forward….a game that recreates the intense air combat experience in the skies of North Vietnam at the height of the air campaign……………..what could be better!

      The manual lists the Player and AI aircraft, and although the VPAF selection looks fairly complete, the US selection was very limited compared to the later Strike Fighters 2: Vietnam.
      This was a time when there was hope for the future and many opportunities to modify the hell out of the game and start getting into place the absolute ton of things not included in the box.

      Terrain & Environment
      As you might see (from the case) the Terrain that came with WOV wasn’t much better than what comes with one of Thirdwires Phone & Tablet PC games – a pretty poor and unrealistic looking barren wasteland. Unsurprisingly it was not long before modders produced somewhat better tilesets - one of the first I remember and although free was used by Yankee Air Pirate later:

      The RA-5 Vigilante - does not come with WOV
      There was a payware tileset for sale at Razbams store at some point – but suffered from having obvious borders and tile edges – also 512 x 512 bitmap files were pretty big at the time but very low res by today’s standards.
      This later effort includes a version of Starys Green Hell which included a lot more trees for the first time:

      Vietnam was hell - Green hell!
      When released WOV also had no clouds either but they were added in a later patch:

      Low level clouds, gone but not forgotten 
      Game play
      The North Vietnam Air Force (VPAF) and air defences were quite well set up as part of the terrain, with relevant SAM and AAA models for the era along with relevant AI. The MiGs varied in effectiveness from patch to patch whereas some of the SA-2s had a Kill probability of about 99% - this was rightly toned down somewhat in Strike Fighters 2 (SF2). 
      WOV included an airbourne FAC (Forward Air Controller) role and this was usually represented by an 0-1E Birddog flying over the battlefield (Callsign Snoopy) – this was removed from SF2. 
      The game added Carrier operations for the first time although the carrier was pretty lonely by itself most of the time, and players could only fly off it in campaigns and scripted single missions! 

      The B-52s thought they were safe from Thirdwires lesser spotted MiG-17F 

      There were some options for payware – mostly from Razbam and Yankee Air Pirate – both had air of controversy that I won’t go into here. 

      One of the very few payware aircraft was the A-1 skyraider pack

      Before the Mission Editor arrived in SF2 you had to create single missions using Notepad basically, quite a time consuming and difficult process. Yankee Air Pirate basically created single missions based on real missions from Vietnam and was quite an important addition for anyone with an interest in that subject. 

      Populated carrier deck

      Landing and taking off in Hueys from smaller boats like this

      Shooting down Colts in Hueys

      Shooting the side gun in Hueys - Get some!.
      Of course, with scripted missions you can do quite a few things you cannot in auto generated single missions and campaigns!

      Advance clone army!

      The VPAF, masters of camouflage
      Looking back
      Wings Over Vietnam certainly started out as a fairly serious attempt to put together a decent standalone Vietnam war Air Combat simulator and in that respects, did a pretty decent job, but only if you took time to add a lot of the mods available and change the game yourself. Graphically it was using DX9.0c so was up to date in that regards although again you had to add mods to get it looking to what it should have perhaps been out of the box. 

      F-111A - not included with WOV

      EB-66 - not included with WOV

      …………and Here we are at the tail end of 2017 and still no real alternative to WOV and SF2V on the Vietnam War flight sim front.
    • By viper63a

      View File SF2 Small Collection of HAF F-104 Starfighter Hangar Screens
      HAF F-104 Hangar screens...not much else to say
      Submitter viper63a Submitted 12/15/2015 Category Hangars  
    • By Nyghtfall

      View File HiRes Templates for Stock SF2 A-4 Skyhawks (B, C, E, F, H, L)
      These are layered .PSD templates for Thirdwires A-4 Skyhawks (Stock planes) in higher resolution (2048x2048).
      Different parts and UVMaps for many variants are included, so they work at least for all A-4B, C, E, F, H-Ahit and L-models.
      Included are several different camos aswell.
      A readme.txt is included and you should read it for further information.
      If you got problems with it or have advices for improvements, just let me know. If you improve things by yourself, I would be glad to receive a copy of your work.
      I release this under the Combat Ace Fair Use Agreement.
      Credits and Thanks
      - Thirdwire and TK for a great game, nice models and skins these templates derived from
      - all people, that helped me along the way with tips, opinions and their work, like Wrench, Soulfreak, dtmdragon, Eole2, Sundowner and many more!
      Have fun
      Submitter Nyghtfall Submitted 03/04/2015 Category Skin Templates  
    • By Sheriff001

      View File Canadair CF-104 Starfighter skins
      I have made new skins for the Canadair CF-104 Starfighter. These skins show all the normal Royal Canadian Air Force/Canadian Armed Forces CF-104 schemes. Fuel tanks are included. Aircraft.ini files removing TK's CF-104 skins are also included.
      The following skins are provided:
      CF-104 RCAF Natural Metal (Canada-based) RCAF Natural Metal (Germany-based) RCAF Natural Metal post-1965 (Canada-based) RCAF Natural Metal post-1965 (Germany-based) CAF Natural Metal (Canada-based) CAF Natural Metal (Germany-based)
      CAF Natural Metal (Canada-based) CAF Natural Metal (Germany-based) CAF Green CAF Symmetrical Natural Metal (Canada-based) CAF Symmetrical Natural Metal (Germany-based) CAF Symmetrical Green
      CAF Symmetrical Natural Metal (Canada-based) CAF Symmetrical Natural Metal (Germany-based) CAF Symmetrical Green CAF Symmetrical Camo

      I have provided 20 serial numbers. Anyone wishing to make additional serials will find PSD templates, and the RCAF font in the extra's folder. Use 22-point for pre-unification serials, 16-point for unification serials, and 48-point for buzz numbers.
      I have also included fuel tank templates which I have created.
      No instructions or files have been added to make the CF-104 flyable, however plenty is available on combatace.com on this subject. What works for the F-104G will work for the CF-104. I recommend making the aircraft ini files read only.
      Template used: http://combatace.com/files/file/5474-f-104g-photoshop-template/
      Removed CAF Green from CF-104, removed scratches from all skins, adjusted specular, glossiness and reflection values on natural metal skins, added SM files to natural metal skins. Fixed decals to remove white borders.
      Installation Instructions
      Copy the contents of "ModFolder" into your mod folder. Over-write where necessary.
      TK: SF2, stock CF-104 Bobrock - F-104 template Littlesmoke - CF-104 NATO skin (used for 'tracing' the camo skin) Paulopanz - natural metal skins advice

      If there are any problems, or omisions in the credits, please send me a PM.
      Submitter Sheriff001 Submitted 09/27/2014 Category F-104  
    • By daddyairplanes

      View File Enhancement Pack for TW DLC 23 - F-4N Phantom II
      This is a mod to enhance the DLC F-4N. It includes data.ini's for smoky engines,
      realistic weapons and drooping ailerons. It also features many skins that have been
      touched up using Sundowners templates. Finally it has 100 historic BuNo's, and
      several styles and colors for modexes. It covers a wide spread of N users without
      becoming completely OCD.
      Included are:
      -3 F-4N aircraft (N, N_77, N_80) to help keep some order and smallness of file size. skins covered include USN/MC Grey, Overall Gloss
      Gloss Gull Gray(circa 1980), Lo Viz Grey (1981) and TPS (1983). Ferris and Heater Ferris were not used for the most part on N models.
      -my expanded squadronlist.ini. tho many units are stock in here, several will not show without this. Plus it's got room for anybody you
      can think of and then some more.
      -an expansive NavalF4 decal folder to cover all years after Vietnam (EXCEPT 1976). not all will be full right now, but
      they will be filled up with some future planned mods.
      -a Numbers folder with Buno's for the N, and several styles of Modex's
      -smokier engine effects for the J-79s.
      -J-79 engine sounds
      REQUIRED: The TW F-4N Phantom II, DLC 23.
      same as any other mod. unzip the file, paste into your mod folder, allow overwrites for old copies
      of the smoke effects and the F-4N.ini.
      First is a HUGE THANK YOU to mytai01. much of this work is based off of his model for decalling the F-4 Phantom.
      Some of the nn tgas are even lifted off his B model skins and adjusted into N models BuNos. Those that have seen
      his work will recognize much influence in this mod.
      Thanks to Sundowner for his templates. With a Sundowner template, you have to work hard to screw up a skin!!!!!
      As with all my Phantom mods, thank you to Spillone104 for his J-79 effects. I do like them so, and hope
      you will as well.
      thanks to JSF_Aggie for his drooping aileron edit for the data.ini. although TK fixed that in the July
      2013 patch, i have not patched there yet and know that many still haven't. for the time being the mod
      uses JSF_Aggie's work.
      Thanks to Gerwin, Blade, Wrench, Dave, mppd, Ghost531 and many others who have given me answers and resources
      to many technical questions the last year and a half I've been working this.
      special thanks to Ghost531 and CrazyHorseB34 for getting me off my fourth point of contact when stalled
      on this project
      and as always thanks to TK who developed both the game and the particular DLC, then left enough work for
      likes of me to fill in.
      again thank you for downloading this mod and i hope that you enjoy it!
      Kevin Unruh
      aka daddyairplanes
      20 August 2013
      Submitter daddyairplanes Submitted 09/03/2013 Category F-4  

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