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Real life location of SF Dhimar terrain?

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Long ago someone discovered the real life location TK used to create PAran/Dhimar original terrain for SF. IIRC it was somewhere around Asia but turned certain number of degrees. Anyone remember the original place, the degrees used to turn it and the scale TK used to reduce it??



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yes, rotate the terrain 90 to the right (east).


it's east Africa, approximately Mozambique


it's in "standard" 3W World size -- 64% of reality, like all the stock maps

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ain't that what I said I my post???


and if someone is clever enough, and talented enough, can actually DO it as East Africa; adding in the necessary lakes and so forth. A couple of years ago, I rotated the HFD/TFD and gave it someone that asked, but nothing has ever materialized from it.

I've not idea of what value such a terrain would be, but ... there ya have it

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