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Well my first post at these forums, so hello to you all.


Now the question. I'm flying SFP1 with 3d gogles and loving it. One downside is that you can't see other planes as soon with those glasses and without. That is why I use the normal setting for the HUD. I would like to experiment with the box size. Does anyone know if they can be tinkered with and if yes in which file that would be?


Thanks a bundle.



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I would try the huddata.ini I think it is located in the flight folder. You miight have to get the cat extractor to get from the cat file that is is in. The cat extractor can d/l from Combatace in the SF/WOV utilities section.

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Ya, you must Extract the flight folder file HUDATA.INI using the Cat Extracter...


The "width" setting controls the size I believe, although I have not changed that one yet. The PosY is the height on monitor...it starts 0.0 at the top and grows bigger to 1.0 at the bottom -- an upside down method of vertical position.


btw...just add two bars // to make the game ignore any line. I did this to totally turn off all the cones and arrows in "medium" difficulty hud settings ("medium" advised for MiG~17PFU radar use). My setup below now sets HUD at bottom center of cockpit... I had to change the name to Display001 because I got rid of all the Arrow and Cone displays.

















You should also change the Font size for the messages, and make them smaller. I set mine to "9" instead of the "12" default. Also you can change the number of messages and time they are displayed. This is a short file, but there is enormous Power here...


Before we mess up our HUDDATA.INI file, we make Backups, right? :yes:


...actually, you can just Extract the file again and so you really need not worry about backing up for safety.

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Just tested:: the Width and Height control the size of the hud radar display.


:nono: I am still fairly new to this, and I am making Bad mistakes and misleading others...


(1) HUDDATA file has lines that control the text displaying data on player or externally viewed aircraft; data like airspeed, altitude, etc...


(2) There is another file called MESSAGESYSTEM that controls the onscreen messages from ground control or friendly aircraft. Here is my total message file...some Default settings are replaced but I saved them by just "remarking" them out with double slash //. I believe the Devs used ";" to also remark out certain lines with ";" and replaced them with others.



my complete MESSAGESYSTEM file...





























Here is my InfoDisplay in HUDDATA file....






















Note, I "remarked" out ("//" ) the background image lines, as this text box covers the radar display where I have the radar placed now, although I am probably going back to using it, as it really helps seeing the text against white terrain like snow, and it does not really hurt the radar display. Or I could change the text colour to, say, green, but then that may conflict with green terrain. :)

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This is good stuff.


I tried remarking out the BottomLeftPosition.

This gets rid of the data about my own aircraft, which I should know from my HUD and instruments.


I left the BottomRightPosition as is, because that gives me information about ground targets, which is essential to know.



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I think the very first mod I did in strike fighters was edit Hud data ini,, in the flight folder of sfp-1 and the second one was putting that hud data file into WOV's flight folder and the rest is history.


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