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CombatACE Saitex X-56 H.O.T.A.S. Review by 531Ghost

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Good stuff


I think Saitek has gone backwards in quality and function with each successive HOTAS release in recent years. Not sure what is going on there.


I hoping to stick with my X65f for as long as I can. So much programing potential that I haven't attempted to unlock, despite owning for several years.

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My X52 Pro is about 5 years old, and only 1 button has broken. The XY stick is wobbly inside, but I haven't taken the time to fix either one. I do not use the MadCatz programmer because there are so many options and most sims (except DBS) do not have as many needed controls as the programmable buttons have use for (I wind up with dead switches in each mode). Even when I did program it, it could take days to remember which mode and which button did what. I try to make IL2, ARMA3 and SF2 as close to the same as possible, and that helps, but it is still easier and more efficient to just use the in-game bindings. 


Cool review, that thing is majestic, as is the price, I'm sure. But until this one (my 3rd Saitek model after Cyborg, and 2 X45s) I will stick with the stick I'm stuck with.

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Wish the flight stick was sold separately. I need the pinky button and the mini thumb stick to be more effective. But good review.



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Some day I will need a HOTAS to replace my G940. This doesn't appear to be a step up, although if the 940 dies it might serve.

I've already resigned myself to losing the FFB as no one seems to make them anymore after Logi discontinued this after only 3 years.

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