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XvT ship patch?

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has anyone seen and/or tried this ship patch for the GoG version of Xvt??  As seen on the GoG Forums..





Read the entire thread, as the orignal link in NFG, but someone posted it further down.


I hope to try it next week (if all goes well), and see. If so, it'll add the T/D. But some converted TFCD mission will still require the Missile Boat.


Wish we had a new version of the old Draconis Ship Patch!!


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Wrench, have you tried the ImpTac Ship Patch? Site link below. According to the included "Craft Lists for XvTEd" the Missile Boat is part of it.






There is also a ship patch located at the address below that might have some of what you need.




If I find more I will let you know.




I misread your question. I will take a look at that XVT-Enhanced patch in your link.

Edited by KJakker

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CRAFT                       MODEL                        FROM


B-Wing                       B-Wing.opt                      BOP

TIE Defender             TieDel.opt                        XW

Missile boat                Mislbt.opt                        XW

Medium transport       Rebtuna.opt                   BOP

Modif corvette            Corvta.opt                      BOP

Modif.frigate               Friga.opt                        BOP

Passenger liner          C-3 Pasngr.opt                XW

Scout craft                  Patrlb.opt                        XW

Lt cal.crs MC-40a       Ltcal.opt                          XW

Container transport    Frtc.opt                          XW

Carrack cruiser          Crusa.opt                      XW




Table with new crafts for BOP


CRAFT                       MODEL                  FROM


TIE Defender            TieDel.opt               XW

Missile boat               Mislbt.opt               XW

Passenger liner         C-3 Pasngr.opt      XW

Scout craft                 Patrlb.opt              XW

Ltcal. crs MC-40a      Ltcal.opt                XW

Container transport   Frtc.opt                 XW

Carrack cruiser         Crusa.opt              XW




this list above dosen't really mean anything, but I'd found this listing of opts (physical models), and wanted to put it someplace where I wouldn't lose it.

(it should also be noted that several craft listed are already STOCK in XvT/BoP)


I've also found a copy of the old Draconis ship patch, unzipped, and was looking it over as well.

Comparing it to the ship pack above, it almost seems that one dosen't need to hack the game exe, like the DSP provides a 'new one', but this newer ship patch seems to only need certain files edited.


Of course, one also needs the opt, pnl, int and a couple other files placed in the various folders. It also looks like a simple edit of the


SPECDESC.txt in the main folder, that - believe it or not!!-- already has most of the craft listed.


More exploration of this is ongoing

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well well!

look what I got working!!!!

td cockpit.jpg

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sorry to bump this thread but what pack were you able to get working? I was able to get the EH ship patch working but none of the others.

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the old Draconis ship patch.


absolutely NO issues so far.  Other than NOT having the pictures of the added ships in the craft data base (when you go and look at them). But to me, that's a fairly small issue.


It was a simple copy/paste of the releveant files, minus the "new" z-xvt-sp.exe (and NOT running the install bat file, which probably dosen't work in Win 7 and higher....). 


Added the T/D, Mis, Container Transport, Carrack cruiser -- these are important not only for TFCD conversions, but for some of the Imperial mission sets I'm still working on (only 20 more to go!!!)


I have to write up instructions, and post it. But it was actually pretty easy. Updates the XvT side to BOP as well.

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Downloaded the GOG-version ship patch (had to get it out of Dropbox and it was a little clunky), but after a couple hours of fooling with it, got this to work in one of my XvTEd revised missions.  Lots of other stuff in the GOG-patch (mostly "Campaign" and "Training" from what I could tell), but no instructions for installation, and no Mislbt files.  If I get a chance I'll take a look at KJakker's two expansion packs to see what's there.    



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carefull with those, Eset gave me a warning on one of them -- can't remember which one though.


One of the things I like from the GoG forum one, is the conveted TFCD missions have wavs and the associated lfd files for them. I need to look them over better.


I have gotten the original Draconis Ship patch to work with no issues -- a simple copy & paste of the relevant files, and everything works!! (T/D, MIS, Carack Crs, Contrainer Transport, etc)


I've got to finish off the readme, and make sure the install instructions are very plain and easy to follow. But so, far not issues.

(one or another of these patches will be needed for many of the upcoming TF 3rd party missions I'm converting to XvT -well, BoP really!)

craft data base missile boat.jpg

craft data base td.jpg

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Downloaded additional XvT and BOP models from KJakker's ImpTac Ship Patch and got the Missile Boat working.




Most of your "XvT models" from above listing (C-3 Pasngr, Patrlbt (see below), Ltcal, Crusa) were also in the patch, but I couldn't find the Container Transport.




Several other additional models (most I had never heard of) such as the Tie Oppressor, E-Wing (see both below), Nighthawk Battle Cruiser, Star Viper also included.






A lot of this I haven't fooled with yet, but am reasonably comfortable in saying that most of it probably works as advertised. Wasn't able to download the expanded training missions patch as I kept getting re-directed to another site.

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