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F-4VS Phantom (What If..)

SF2 McD F-4(VS) Phantom II (What If...)


= For SF2 (Full-4/5 Merged Reccomended) =


*Note: you =MUST= have, as stated above have, at minimum, a Full-4 merged install, as this mod makes use of many stock items, most importantly, F-4J cockpit. Therefore, it's vitally important that your game version has access to this cockpit.*


The is the release of a new "What If..." aircraft by Cocas. This represents the F-4X (VS) variable geometry (or swing wing) Phantom if it had been constructed as a supplimentry aircraft to the F-14 Tomcat, for use on smaller carriers.


The aircraft comes with the following skin/decal sets:
USN Grey 1 (standard Gull Grey/White
USMC Grey 1 (standard Gull Grey/White
USN Lo Viz (TPS grey, semi-subdued markings)
FAA Blue (standard Royal Navy Blue/White)


All markings are decals, and decal randomization is TRUE. Weapons used are all stock 3W items. Skins are in jpg format, and damage textures are DDS.


As all squadron markings, for the USN & USMC are decals, you may choose any Phantom squadron from the "squadron drop down" on the load out screen. Be Advised, however, some of the tail markings WILL fit better than others


As always, fairly easy to follow, detailed install instructions are included. So, please read them. One can find more fun reading all the Notes section as well!
Happy Landings!
Kevin Stein


-- for Cocas Aircraft Factory --


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thanks guy glad you liked it 

Well sadly after this one there nothing more pull out of the old phantom!

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I never expected to see this one! Very cool.

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