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Sea Harrier FRS 1 vs Mirage III & Dagger

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This is one of the latest and recently released books in Osprey Publishing’s “Duel” series focusing primarily on two of the major aircraft types in the South Atlantic conflict of 1982.

There is already quite a lot of very good information written by the people who were there on this subject, however what I really like about the Osprey series is they are short & very concise and this book brings a lot of previous information together in one place, as well as telling us a few new things.


The two main authors are:

Doug Dildy – A retired USAF colonel and former F-15 pilot who worked with SHARs operationally and in air-to-air training during his first NATO tour of duty. Dildy lives in Albuquerque, NM.

Pablo Calcaterra - A Canadian citizen from Argentina. He is an avid and award winning aircraft modeller, with direct access to the Argentine Air Force archives and contact with many veterans of the conflict. Calcaterra lives in London, Ontario.

Other notable contributions to the book include from the Argentine FAA:

Brigadier Mayor Guillermo Donadille, Brigadiers Gustavo Piuma Justo, Carlos Perona, and Comodoros Raúl Díaz, Jorge Senn and Luis Puga.


And from the British FAA SHAR Pilots:

Cdr Nigel ‘Sharkey’ Ward, Lt Cdrs Mike ‘Soapy’ Watson and David Smith. 


The book covers in more detail:

·         The design and development of the Sea Harrier, Mirage IIIEA and the Dagger (Mirage V);

·         The exact weapons that were used by both in the conflict;

·         Looks at pilot training and some tactics from both sides;

·         A look at the overall Strategic situation of the conflict.


The main section “Combat” looks at the engagements from both points of view but also includes the other aircraft and ships involved giving a good overview of the conflict. Lastly statistics and analysis of the conflict are looked at with some of the major points highlighted.


We get a fairly balanced book from many view points, which is essential because looking at something from only a single point of view can never show us the big picture.

Overall one of my favourites so far and recommended to anyone who wants a good overview of the sometimes-ferocious air war in the South Atlantic, because make no mistake, despite the short period the loss of life was sometimes horrific and I hope this only sheds more light on their bravery and sacrifice.




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Thanks for the review, had this on my sights for a while, it seems is good enough to buy it. Always wondered how a A-A radar equipped A-4 would have performed there...

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