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F104L from Cocas and Co

The F104L by CAF team, 3d work by Cocas, skins by Nyghtfall, other ini work by Coupi, testing by Stratos, Coupi, Wrench, Nyghtfall.

Some small whatif background: 

The Lockheed F104L was a 1950s company-funded proposal for an embarked Lockheed F-104 Starfighter. It was intended for both the USN and Lockheed hoped to capitalize on its F-104 production experience through commonality of parts and systems, and minimize expenses by reusing tooling, jigs and existing factory facilities. 

Borrowing heavily from the F-104 design the new type featured a strenghtened landing gear, corrosion portection, increased span wing and of course catapult and arreting gear additions.

The F104L was a specific product for the USN and the USMC, trying to sell it as a fast interceptor with better payload and range than the USAF F104. Both USN and USMC bought a good amount of planes and it saw service in both forces during the Vietnam war as a fighter for the USN and as a STRIKE and CAS airplane for the MARINES. Both services praised the speed and capability of the new planes, but also criticized the slow speed handling, that posed serious problem for a carrier aircraft.
After getting several kills and a good service record in Vietnam, planes were retired froma ctive duty in 1972, altought USMC used the plane for fast Strike for more several years.

Included: Skins for USN VF162 and for USMC VMFA311


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