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Hello people,

I've recently came across Strike Fighter 2 by looking for a good Combat simulator which isn't very simulative (like DCS) but also isn't totally arcade (like the majority of the fighter games out there). Also I was looking for a good game with a chance to play tons of planes so I think I'm in the right place.

Just to give some more details regarding my experience in Combat simulators, I've played from the oldest Jane's IAF, Eidos JSF to Warthunder. The last one is what I'm actually looking to achieve in terms of Command configuration.

I guess SF2 is pretty tough to learn but I have some issue with the controls. I don't have any Joystick/Hotas/Gamepads so I kept the keyboard configuration, but I've noticed that is very hard to move the plane with the arrows especially to keep the plane straight in the same position.
I've tried to go mouse+keyboard configuration but the mouse controls are reversed (if I move the mouse ahead the plane is going up, insted to going down as it should be) so it's even worst compared to keyboard.

So I am here to ask you guys which configuration do you have, if you have any tips and if there is any way, maybe, to configure also the mouse in better way.


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I have a HOTAS and trying to fly mouse and keyboard (Flanker 1 I had a keyboard and mouse setup back in the day, Flanker 2 I learned it was better with a stick) doesn't work well given the fedelity of most games that involve flying (SF2, DCS). But for most flying sims a stick is better, and I have a Thrustmaster Hotas X though. Here's a link for some joysticks:



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Yes, there is NO question a joystick is required. Take it as gospel from those of us that have been flying it since the original came out in 2003.

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Thanks for the reply. So there is no discussion, this game must be played with hotas/joypad, right? I mean, I can understand since is pretty much a simulation game, but I wanted to try to find a solution also for keyboard+mouse, but I guess I have the answer here.

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well, there is a thread here by Shousa, about using a tablet. Look for "SimDashboard", i think that's it.


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13 hours ago, AxtonJT said:

So there is no discussion, this game must be played with hotas/joypad, right?


It is more enjoyable...but

 You can also set up everything on a keyboard. 

years ago when I was traveling a lot at work and i wanted to work on mods as well  - I was using a laptop. And testing - playing without a joystick. And It is not hard, not so hard. I would say it is easy like brushing teeth.  You just need to have comfy key mapping. 

I had no single issue with that. I was able to fly, here and there, do some dogfights, strafe ground targets, etc. All sorts of stuff as with joystick but on keyboard.

still have my Test fighters install on laptop.  throttle + / - (Z and X)  rudder (A and S) general movement on arrows...the rest is just matter of easy access on the keyboard more like first-person shoooter....easy peasy.

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Thanks for the reply yakorov79. I'm going to try your build, maybe is working better also for me.

I'll also have a look to the SimDashboard to see what I can achieve.


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