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Any 50+ years old guys here from Alabama?

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All those movies that suspected 2020 would be the year of the flying car, and all these wonderful things we'd enjoy a better future, totally missed the mark ... except Idiocracy.

None of this makes any damn sense.

We're moving into the time of 1984 in a Brave New World being run by an Idiocracy.

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The State of Alabama voted to approve an anti abortion bill injecting itself into the reproductive rights of women. It was only time before a similar bill was introduced that castrates men. Mess with the bull get the horns, mess with the cow get your nuts removed. Once this starts picking up momentum women everywhere will introduce the male anti abortion bill where we castrate at birth and only give the reproductive right back when a man has met the female requirements to father a child. This is the absurdity of government being involved in your sex life. Get used to it these ignorant bastards opened the door with their sexist abortion ban and now men everywhere will pay the price. When will people learn to butt the F out of other people's lives? 

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I can already see some fella in Arkansas with a 12 gauge ... "you'll have to pry my nuts off my cold dead body"

Of all the crap going on let's make decisions about people's sex lives. Let's use gender neutral words. Let's take away offensive words out of books and military cadences. Let's not focus our efforts on solving medical crisis, or curing deadly diseases.

Screw it. If they want to neutralize the abortion bill. Then here's this. Everyone gets their stuff put on lockdown. Tubes, crimped or whatever. Then when people pass a government test only then do they get the full function of their sex organs back. They are allowed one child. Then they're organs get locked back up again until they prove they can properly care for more children.

sarcasm alert btw


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