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It happens on stock campaigns as well, IIRC. Simply, your mission has been successful, but the enemy forces attempted a second assault and conquered the place. At the planning map screen, you can see the enemy strength of each ground force before the mission. If the enemy strength is much higher than the one of allied ground units (it's clearly visible in the Germany campaigns), it's just a matter of time that the allied units will be defeated, even if your CAS mission has been successful. It's no real issue. The Germany campaigns are mostly scripted to have allied forces be crushed by the Soviets in the first days. The same concept applies to other campaigns.

From my experience, the player has more impact on the campaign's progression later on.

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basically, in order for a mission to be a called a success, you have to kill a certain number of enemy units, if it is an air to air mission it is the primary enemy flight you have to shoot down and if you don't get any of them the mission will be called a failure regardless of how many other aircraft you shoot down, same goes for air to ground missions but with the added fun part that whomever controls the land at the end of the mission on the ground gets the strategic node and gets to either keep or advance into that area... so in order for you to not lose that piece of ground you have to cause more losses to either completely remove all enemy ground units (tanks) if your side loses all theirs, or cause enough losses to break their morale and make your side outnumber the enemy (which for most missions is either killing every one of their tanks or lose the ground)

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On 2/5/2020 at 3:03 PM, Major Bloodnok said:

Dose anybody know what cases this:



EDIT: I thought it said: campaign is finished.



There can be a lot of reasons, but try the following:


in he campaings data, check every STRATEGIC NODE,  all of them must match exactly a target on the _targets.ini of the terrain.  maybe you misspelled one target.

same for homebases of each aircraft.

and same for HQ




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I thought that had to do with the campaign difficulty in the settings. Set to easy and when you win your forces also win. iirc

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