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All, again with the excitement growing around Gepard's Operation Seelöwe project, I noticed an opportunity to make another contribution.  This time, it's around supporting the outstanding UK airfields phase he is currently working on. 

So, I made a UK Type 2 WWII Hangar, which was a type of temporary military aircraft hangar introduced in early 1940.  It was steel welded and bolted construction typically clad in galvanized corrugated iron sheets. The T2 became the standard temporary hangar and one of the most mass produced hangars for the RAF throughout WW2. 

Here is one version I came up, all mesh and textures built from scratch, based on this particular reference photo mainly.  Spent a lot of time especially trying to get the textures compelling and making it extremely frame rate friendly - under 2000 polys with just a few textures and lower detail version just 200 polys.  You should be able to place a lot of these to amp up the eye candy with minimal frame rate hit is the idea of course.  Anyway, still have some texture tweaks and other mesh updates to do, but getting closer to finalizing so hope you like it for now.






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Thanks everyone, appreciate the comments.  I've had a few requests to make different versions of the Type 2 so I'll work on those shortly and post some more progress pics then.

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