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Apologies if this is in the wrong forum but I want to install SF2 on a second bigger hard drive, i've created a new program files folder and installed SF2 successfully into that folder, made a copy of the exe file, run that for mods but the Thridwire Saved Games folder keep getting created on my C Drive in the saved games folder but i want this on my second hard drive also due to the size of the mods i want to install.

Any idea's how to keep everything including the mods folder on my D Drive please?

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I have 3 installs on 3 drives lol...as long as options points there...no problems....one benefit of copying a fresh install to another drive...so far game hasnt tried to default anything...because its not a system install...so to speak.

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      There is a small group in DCS trying to bring to life the F-105D at a FC3 level of playability or greater. Is the WTR modding group still around? I know they had at one point created a new detailed F-105D, cockpit and had researched the Thud immensely. Seems they have pruned back their webpage including their contact information. At this point, research has begun and we’re looking for a 3D model or modeler. Pretty sure we could use some advice on it all. 
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