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Hello Ya'all
Im editing the cockpit of the Su-37 mod so i can fit it in my WIP  Su-35 Flanker-E, ive only changed the textures for it for now and im looking on ways to change the HUD display from the one default in the cockpit to the one below

tried to just delete the HUD folder in the cockpit folder and copy this HUD folder there and i thought thats just it since when i change the Revi sight on 109's i just change the tga file and edit the .ini soo might need help..
tried looking into the old forum post "Cockpit tips" or something by Russok and didnt found much that helps with HUD's



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wanna fix that font, maybe?? no need to "shout"

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    • By Capt_McFly
      here is the problem, I like the A-6 want to use the ones in game to fly so i downloaded this: 
       but don't know how to installed, keep in mind I have 2 weeks top of playing and discoveriing this game.
      thanks in advance 
      My end goal is to be able to use the A-6 Superpack by HomeFries 
    • By Lex2Limit
      Hi Folks,
      Sorry for my late introduction. I've been on board here for a few years, but have only ever been a spectator.  I'd like to get actively involved as well and will put a couple mods here on the board.
      I have made a few modifications to F-14 (TW and TMF) cockpits, but specifically I am working on a graphical upgrade for the F/A-18 cockpit from Brain32. Especially on the DDI's
      My problem:
      Can someone help me redefine the textures for the ICP.
      For the F/A-18 A cockpit there is only one texture for the counters - DDI_Counter_1. I would like to have my own definition for the ICP. DDI_counter_3, because for the F/A-18C cockpit there are already two. (fuel)
      So that it looks in the end like this:

      The result till now is this:

      I make the whole Font as Glass Gauge. It's a free font it will match for the hud and DDi's but not for the ICP. (Like DCS F/A-18C)
      Nice Greets 
    • By orsin

      View File F-15C MSIP Cockpit Repaint
      This is a quick repaint of the existing F-15C cockpit released on F-15 Superpack Redux 2016. I believe it has already been repainted by Viper63 back a while, however a few artifacts lead to my decision to redo the color and give it a TW color tone.
      Extract the  entire folder to <your SF2 mod folder>/Objects/Aircraft /F-15C    . When prompt to overwrite existing files, choose "Yes"    
      Original Cockpit Texture: Kesselburt
      Last Repaint: Viper63
      Legal Stuff
      This file is released under Combatace Community Freeware Licence and shall not be used in any payware without prior consent.
      Submitter orsin Submitted 01/06/2018 Category Jet Cockpits  
    • By 1309mariano
      Hi everyone, how you doing? I will go to the point. I am currently working on an Argentinian skin for Erwin Hans' and InSky's J-10A. I want to modify some aspects, like the HUD. Currently, the mod doesn't have a way to show if the missile is locked on target or not (THE CIRCLES THAT APPEAR ON THE HUD), and I want to modify that.
      I tried changing the cockpit.ini and avionics.ini, but I had to replace with the not modified version of the files because I ended up deforming the radar, and the avionics of course.
      The plane doesn't have problem when it comes to bombs and cannons, but it has that problem with the missiles. If someone can help me, I will be more than thankful.
      Have a nice flight, good hunting!
    • By Eagle114th
      Hello everyone,
      I have some questions about modding aircraft gun to include proximity fuze and timed proximity fuze.  I am working on adding a fictional new nation with their own weapons for an interesting fun experiences in SPF2.  I have been looking at gun and weapons information.

      Before working on missiles (which is more complicated), I am starting with gun for now.  I have been wanting to add two types of shells:

      1) proximity fuze fir one type of shell.  If the shells from 30 mm cannon would explode if it's right next to the aircraft.

      2) Timed Fuze for second type of shell. The shells would explode at certain distance.  I aim to be able to mod the times in seconds.

      I only see the code:


      So I want to know if it is possible to enable both types of shells.

      As always, thank you for the advice.  Because of the community help, I am able to accomplish making mods!


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