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Combat Pilot: new WWII Pacific Combat sim

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A new Pacific theatre of operation World War II era combat flight simulator has started development from Jason Williams who is partnering with Barbedwire studios. Jason is the former CEO of 777 Studios who made Rise of Flight: The First Great Air War series, and the former Executive Producer of the IL-2 Sturmovik: Great Battles franchise by 1C Game Studios.



We hope to bring all the important features virtual aces want, such as great visuals, realistic physics, complex systems, and detailed damage modeling. The initial Combat Pilot title will be set in the Pacific Theater during 1942 in and around the Battle of Midway and probably other early Pacific battles such as Coral Sea and Wake Island. Maybe even Pearl Harbor at some point if we’re lucky! We plan to cover as much of the Pacific air war as possible in time. If all goes to plan this will be a comprehensive series built and improved over many, many years. Oh and of course, single-player and multiplayer support is planned.   

Website here: https://combatpilot.com/

Interview here: https://stormbirds.blog/2023/05/18/combat-pilot-a-new-pacific-wwii-sim-coming-from-jason-williams-and-barbedwire-studios/

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Saw this on FB, too. Looks VERY GOOD! Knowing my love for WW2, this looks right up my alley! Will watch this with great antci.....


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All I can say is it better have a career/dynamic campaign.  I took the survey.


At any rate if something does fall through, I am very content with 1946 BAT mod as this theater is well covered in it but I hope this sim does deliver.

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