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  1. Central America Terrain Planning Map Set

    Hi Specter8750, Thanks for your mod. I have an issue with my VietnnamSea map. Whenever I select F-4E-72 IRAF, the target appears in friendly airbase. However, as soon as I chose IIAF, it goes back to the designated enemy base. Do you have any idea how I can get rid of this issue? Thanks a lot.
  2. Hi Res Runways 2014 (Pack 2)

    Absolutely great!!!! Thanks a lot.
  3. Hi Res Runways 2014 (Pack 1)

    Absolutely great!!!! Thank you.
  4. Alright! Sure, I will do that. Thanks a lot for letting me know.
  5. Hi EricJ and Wrench, Thanks a lot for your responses. I truly appreciate you guys a lot. I do not have an avionics folder when I go to my F-4B, F-4B-65, and F-4B-67. Do you know where I can get this missing folder? Thanks a lot.
  6. Hi guys, I have a question about F-4B phantom Radar. When I turn on my radar, it only scans AA and Boresight. Can you please tell me how I can add the AG scanning, too? Thanks a lot.
  7. SF2 F-4D IRIAF

  8. Hi, Thank you so much for your great IRAF F-4D plane. I have an issue with the panel light right underneath the RWR. All the lights are always on (SAM, AAA, UNKNOWN, etc.). Could you tell me how I can resolve this annoying issue? Thanks a lot.
  9. Hi, Thank you for your excellent post. I recently encountered an issue. Whenever I choose IRAF F-4E-72 to fly, the target appears on friendly bases, which are colored blue. When the mission started, the friendly plane attacked me. Is there any suggestion to resolve this issue? Thanks a lot.
  10. AH-1J International Cobra ver.2016

    Awesome! Thanks a lot for your excellent work. I have a question regarding how these helicopters are taking off. For some reason, instead of taking off vertically, the helicopter takes off horizontally, just like a fighter jet. Could you please tell me how I can fix this issue? Thanks a lot.
  11. SF2 AAA Pack (Redux)

    Awesome AAA mod!!!! Thank you so much.
  12. Hi there, Thanks a lot for your excellent F-4E skin. Could you please tell me how I can download this skin, please? Thanks a lot.
  13. Hi guys, Thanks a lot for your discussion. How do I create a fly-by sound like when the fighter jet comes from a distance? Thanks a lot.
  14. Hi. Thanks a lot for your post. I have not deleted anything from the SF2 folder. However, whenever I click on Single mission, it freezes for some time. Do you have any solution for this issue? Thanks a lot.
  15. Hi. Thanks a lot for sharing these excellent pictures. Could you please tell me where I can download this version of F-4E? I would appreciate you if you could share the link with me. Thanks a lot.

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