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  1. F-4ES Cockpit & HUD Upgrade Version 1.0

    Fantastic work!!!! Thank you for sharing.
  2. JGSDF Vehicle Pack 1

    Awesome Mod!!!! Thanks a lot for sharing. It is simply excellent!!!!
  3. Air Base Precision Approach Radar

    Awesome!!!! Thank you so much for sharing this!!!!! Great work!
  4. Mirage F1CR standard F4

    Excellent work!!!! Thanks a lot for sharing!
  5. Cold East Ground Objects Bonanza Vol.1

    Awesomeness!!!!! Thanks a lot for sharing your great mod!!!!
  6. J-7 Series Fighters

    Awesomeness!!!! Thank you for sharing your great work!!!!
  7. ROKAF F-4D_Plus Phantom II

    Thanks a lot for sharing this.
  8. 2S6M Tunguska

    Awesome!!!!! Thank you for sharing. It looks and works perfectly!!!!
  9. Thank you for all your emails. I think that the first email by EricJ should be the cause since I am using SF2. I will download the pack that he mentioned. Otherwise, my PC has Windows 10, my VGA card is a Geforce RTX 2060, the Monitor is 144 Hz (FPS), and the CPU is 4.0. Once again, thanks a lot for all your emails.
  10. Hi Eric, Thanks a lot for your email. Yes, I am using Strike Fifgters 2.
  11. Russian Defence Pack

    Perfect pack!!!! Thanks a lot for sharing. It is a fantastic killing machine!!!!
  12. Hello everyone, I have a significant drop in my FPS and suturing when I use the Russian Defense Pack, such as ZSU-23 Shilika V, V1, M, and 1964. Can anyone help me why this issue occurs only when I use this pack? Here is the link:
  13. Mirage F1CR standard F7

    Awesomeness!!!! Thanks a lot for your excellent work!!!!
  14. Perfect. Thanks a lot. Looking for ward to see the updated one.
  15. Hi everyone, I hope that all is well. I have a question about the Type 625A/625E SHORAD 1.0.0 system. For some reason, the tracers for this system do not appear. It is only air bursts. I checked the tracers in Data.ini but could not find any mistake. Do you know what can cause this issue and how to resolve it? Thanks a lot.

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