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The third part of Cold East Ground Objects Bonanza mods for the SF2 series game.
First of all. This is not entirely a 'Plug and Play' mod.

Yes, some objects will appear in the game right away, but some will not - because some objects are meant to be used via the target editor. Especially in Vol. 3, you will find many 'eye candy' objects but you will find also basic trucks, fuel tankers, and artillery support objects
In general, the whole mod is built for terrain enhancement - a lot of objects should be added in terrain TYPES and TARGETS.
Having this in mind this mod is mostly for terrain builders, modders, and experienced users. If you are hoping for quick-click plug-and-play - this is not for you. 
All objects have destroyed models added.
Gun files should be taken carefully - they are slightly modified by guuruu with decreased performance. 
I believe all the gun files are provided and you should have them already, if I forgot something - well it happens sometimes. Sorry for that.

Part three contains mostly trucks cars and airfield objects in general, some artillery units.

All of the skins are green, I added a few camo versions and a few extra but just for specific objects. NO Tan/Desret scheme. This might come in a more specific mod for specific terrains in the future.

Some trucks have light emitters made by guuruu - made to work at night and be 'invisible' during the day - well effect ended up somewhere in the middle.. You decide - it is easily removable in data.ini.

Userlist ini files are just in a few objects but they might need editing for your own use.

If you have similar models from me - released years ago - do not mix them up. I recommend deleting all old files.  Here you will find new updated models.

Under any circumstances DO NOT mix these objects with any ODS 30Aniversary Edition mod. Even in the future. ODS30AE objects are exclusive for ODS and differ in many ways from Cold East Ground Objects Bonanza.

D-30 122mm Howitzer

ZPU-4 14.5mm quadruple anti-aircraft gun
ZU-23-2 23mm double anti-aircraft gun

GAZ-66 AP-2 mobile Army hospital
GAZ-66 PU-2 mobile command post for Luna-M rocket battery with RWZ-1 Proba - weather station and AB-4-0-230 generator
GAZ-66 with ZU-23-2 anti-aircraft gun
GAZ-66B R-142D airborne troops radio & command vehicle
GAZ-66B 9P125 /9K54 Grad-V airborne troops rocket artillery vehicle (with 9M28F rocket)

UAZ-469 just Bobik

Ural-375D with open 
Ural-375D BM-21 /9K51 Grad (with 9M22U rocket)

ZIL-130 APM-90 airfield searchlight
ZIL-130 KNS-1PM-2 navigational light beacon
ZIL-130 SKP-11 mobile air traffic control

ZIL-131 ATZ-4 fuel tanker
ZIL-131 PR-11B missile trailer for S-75 SAM system
ZIL-131 PR-14A missile cargo truck for S-125 SAM system
ZIL-131 R-140M radio & command vehicle
ZIL-131 R-161A-2M radio & command vehicle with ESB-12 T400 generator
ZIL-131 9P138 /9K55 Grad-1 (with 9M28S rocket)
ZIL-131 9P138 BM-21b Grad-1 in transport position (groundobjectrole=TRANSPORT)  
ZIL-131 AA-40 airfield fire engine

ZIL-135 9P113 /9K52 Luna-M (with 9M21F rocket)
ZIL-135 9T29 rocket transport vehicle for Luna-M system

ZIL-157 ATZ-4 fuel tanker
ZIL-157 PR-11B missile trailer for S-75 SAM system
ZIL-157 PR-14A missile cargo truck for S-125 SAM system
ZIL-157 R-140 radio & command vehicle
ZIL-157 D-470 airfield snow plow

ZIS-151 ATZ-3 fuel tanker

RSBN-4N Radio Engineering System of short Range Navigation

IFA W50L LAK-2 command vehicle

Four new weapons to the weapon folder
9M21F for Luna-M
9M22U for Grad
9M28F for Grad-V
9M28S for Grad-1

Of course, you can change any weapon for Grad rockets. But technically 9K54 and 9K55 can not fire heavier 9M22U rockets

Most of the skins are 1024x1024. If needed it is recommended to resize to desired (lower) size format.

Do not blindly copy-paste files.

Pick a mod, make a backup if needed - test the file - decide - to keep it or not. 

Just in case - enjoy.



questions - suggestions - go to the designated area here



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Thanks Jarek. The previous package was just perfect. I experienced a real pleasure clearing land of this moving mud! Well, SAM added thrills. I haven't tried this pack yet, but judging by the previous two, it will be eyecandy. That's why I'm giving it 5 stars! Thanks for sharing

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Another "must have one" from you Jarek!

Great work as always! :good:

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Your work is brilliant, thank you

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