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  1. [Fictional] AngelBeats! F-15C

  2. There appears to be no sound folder in the version I downloaded.
  3. Operation Odyssey Dawn 2.0 HD Part 1

    The entire sounds folder is missing.
  4. Operation Stamford Bridge; Battle of Britain 1980

    This works well until the 5th or 6th mission then you get assigned either to recon an area outside the map or you get a mission from the Russian side?
  5. Bob Hoover

    C'mon guys a simple yes would be nice!
  6. Bob Hoover

    Good, no?
  7. Bob Hoover

    Hi guys I found this on You Tube. It may be old here but here it is anyway. This a 1 hour 20 minute talk by Bob Hoover in 2010. Amazing man, amazing talk. Enjoy.
  8. Target: Invincible

    HMS Invincible lost one of her turbines shortly after leaving England. She was at a reduced speed for the whole war after that.
  9. Typhoon tries to land on Hedge

    Epic. Used to watch the RAF Nimrods doing touch and goes at night. They would come in over a field like that one but with their 30 million candlepower search light on (mounted half way along the starboard wing), the night was turned onto midday sun as it passed overhead. Will never forget that as long as I live.

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