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  1. I landed a Spitfire once with one of the main landing gear gone in the BoB mod. I don't know what settings I had though, probably "normal" as I usually leave most things on that. I think? It's been a while since I've changed any of that. Funny thing is, it probably would have been more historically realistic if I had just bailed out!
  2. I don't want to undo any of the learning that everything you guys have been discussing may have accomplished (I'm no genius with this stuff and admittedly haven't done too much of it), but I have a habit of doing things the hard way before I realize I missed an easier solution. So - what are the chances the objects he's trying to get working are already part of one of the weapons packs?
  3. It's not a mod but a hardware addon, that is supported in many games these days but works spectacularly with flight and driving sims. There are two physical components, one is a little IR camera that mounts to the top of your monitor. The other is (I think there are a few ways you can do this part now) a metal clip that you put on a baseball cap that has 3 reflectors on it. The IR camera reads the relative position of these reflectors on it and translates it into head movement in your game. So, you're flying along in your plane (you must be in the virtual cockpit view) and you want to look left - just turn your head and the viewpoint follows. Up, down, left right just turn your head a bit. Games that support "6 degrees of freedom" (6DOF) are even better - you can move laterally or even move your head closer and it will zoom in as if you were moving your head closer to the panel to read a guage or something. It's very cool and adds a lot to the immersion! I will anticipate a common question - "How can I see the screen if I'm turning my head?". It is scaled so that a relatively small movement is required to turn the view a long way. For example you can have your head turned 30 or 45 degrees from the screen and still see it easily but the viewpoint in the game can be looking over your shoulder. How much you need to turn and how fast the rotation responds is all customizable, but I use mine almost exactly as it came "out of the box". The hardest part is learning to control your head movements so you can stay focused on one spot if you need to - but a handy way to remedy that (like if you need to do an instrument scan and don't want to hold perfectly still) is using a hotkey to temporarily pause the TrackIR and then turn it back on when you want your eyes out of the cockpit. I think most people will tell you once you try it and get comfortable with it, there's no going back. It's indispensible in a dogfight, I used to get disoriented in seconds during hard maneuvering using snap views with the hat switch (or worse, VC panning with the hat switch) or internal padlock views. It's way better now with TrackIR, you always know which way you're looking (where's your head pointing?) and it reacts very fast - no more waiting for the manual pan rate to catch up. I don't know what the cost is these days, I got mine a couple years ago and I think it was around $150 - $180 (US). I actually think it's worth it, it has made that much of a difference for me. If you can swing it, I'd say buy it - I doubt you will be disappointed.
  4. O/T Kidney Stones--Not Fun!

    Thankfully I've never had to deal with that (yet....). I just happened to read this just before I headed over to CA this evening: http://www.nascar.com/2009/news/headlines/...p.10/index.html People can say what they want about race car drivers not being athletes etc. (I disagree), but you hear about stuff like this all the time. Man that's gotta take some guts and serious focus. I just can't see myself saying "yeah, I've got a kidney stone I'm dealing with right now but I'm still good for some laps at 190 mph". I hope you feel better!
  5. TrackIR thread?

    I can't comment related to OFF, but I use TIR4 with FS9, Third Wire series, and IL-2. It's the best thing for flight sims since the 3-D cockpit. I sometimes get the little screen tears/gaps too but I agree it's probably from turning your head too fast. Think about it, with a normal 3D pit head swivel via a hat switch it's at a constant rate that I guess the system can anticipate rendering for. With TIR you can rotate the view from dead ahead to over your shoulder and all points in between in a blink so it makes sense that it might need a second to "catch up" with where your view is directed. I've never had it last for more than a second and it hasn't been a problem. I did a quick flight in FS9 last night and forgot to turn on TIR before I launched flight simulator. I took off and was turning my head all over because I was so used to using it, bothered me so much I backed out and started all over again with it on. So you will get used to it quick, and after that there's no going back! Another nice thing (for me) in combat sims too is that it's easier to maintain orientation of your aircraft's nose relative to your view direction. Before TIR I would try tracking targets either via padlock or hat switch, it took me all of about 5 seconds to get disoriented if things were happening fast. With TIR you turn your head, so you know your nose is always "face forward".
  6. So what about if I'm flying a campaign mission that starts from a carrier, I fly the mission and when I return ..... the carrier's gone - but not always. It's been a while since I've done it so some of the details are fuzzy but I basically fly to the last waypoint and there's no boat. I ask Red Crown for vector to home base and she basically tells me I'm right on top of it but it's not there. Is this a waypoint problem or would I be better off noting the carrier's heading when I take off and then flying that heading when I get to the last waypoint and try to find it? I was thinking maybe during the mission I just got off schedule, and maybe the last waypoint was where the carrier was supposed to be at a certain duration into the mission. So if I arrived there either early or late the ship wouldn't be there. Or is Red Crown right - I'm in the right spot but for some reason the carrier object isn't displayed? Is it "smart" enough to know that being a carrier home base is a moving target or is it strictly wherever the last fixed waypoint is? This is in a campaign generated mission - not a standalone single mission. This happened to me a few times in the Burning Sands '83 campaign.
  7. Are flight sims going out of style?

    No doubt, I wasn't suggesting migrating from PC to the consoles and abandoning the considerable investments many of us have made. Only that it's probably fair to say that the current generation of consoles might be capable of running a robust simulator with the kind of processing power and data storage space that they're now packing. Decent flightsim controls aren't abundant for consoles, but they're basically USB (though I think XB360 is still a proprietary connection?) so they could show up if enough interest was there to support it. I guess what I was trying to get at was that if a developer felt they had to adapt their product to a modern console to stay afloat, that we're potentially at a point where it could be done and still be "faithful" to the simulation genre. I would strongly prefer that the PC remains the core platform for such products, but in this grim economy for a game developer in a niche market the consoles might be tempting waters to try.
  8. Are flight sims going out of style?

    It will be interesting to see how Maddox and SimBin's forays into consoles goes, with IL2-Birds of Prey and Race Pro. I would expect that these two titles will probably be the most "sim" oriented of their respective genres that any console has ever seen. I'm sure a lot of people are looking at it from the perspective of "that's it, the death of PC simming is upon us. They're all going to become console crap." I don't know, perhaps if scaleable enough they could serve as a bridge to regain some interest in the genre. Or maybe at least (and most practical) generate enough sales to allow the continuation of the PC lines by those developers alongside the console versions. At the end of the day it's a business and cash flow makes it all happen. I'm not saying I'm willing to abandon my PC to do it all on consoles either, but they ARE getting to be pretty darn powerful systems. GM can't make Corvettes if they don't sell enough Malibus, Impalas and pickup trucks. Ok - maybe that's a bad example with the current economic situation and that company in particular but you get the point.
  9. GT Legends

    I don't have this one but have put in many hours with GTR2, which is by the same developer. Not that this will help since you've already got GT Legends but I've seen a double pack of GTR2 and GTL for $19.99. Check out www.nogripracing.com for mods and addons.
  10. So in the interim if one wanted to fly it with a substitute pit, would it work if one knew how to do it? Or does that require lots of reworking of other stuff to make it "flyable"? Just curious, I've never delved to that level of editing - trying to make an AI flyable or use the cockpit from another plane. Not asking for instructions - I'll look them up if they're out there - just wondering if it's reasonably easy to do or a really deep edit that's best left to the "experts".
  11. Best things since Track IR

    My brother used to play one of those sim theme park type games several years ago, I don't remember which one it was. But I think he had rides that actually killed passengers. Not good for business! My little dream of enhancing the visual immersion in sims (or anything really) is to project onto a dome shaped screen that fills your whole peripheral vision. Like an OmniMax theater, only on a smaller scale that you can set up in your home. Of course taking it a step further you'd be seated on a platform that pitches banks and yaws! Ever been on the old "Back to the Future" ride at Universal Studios in Florida? The home version of the motion platform of course would be electric rather than hydraulic. I think some company already has this but it's REALLY expensive. I don't think I'd be all too interested in touch screens. I hate wiping off fingerprints. And with TrackIR I'd have to keep pausing it to use them - sometimes I have to just to focus on a particular instrument, I can't seem to hold my head still enough to keep it from moving just enough to make reading it hard.
  12. Are flight sims going out of style?

    I think the one you're thinking of is "Fighter Ops". That one sounds almost like they're trying to bite off too much to me. Uber realism from top to bottom for everything. Don't get me wrong, I hope they can pull it off and the peeks of stuff they've shown are fantastic but like you said - don't expect anything soon. Already been in development for a couple of years I think. On the PC vs consoles subject, well it's more expensive for one thing to have a rig capable of running the latest and greatest software compared to modern consoles. I don't want to get into the "BS, you can build a killer gaming PC for the price of a PS3" argument. The average person doesn't want to built it themselves, and if you're looking for a decently capable "off the shelf" system from a known manufacturer you're realistically probably looking at $1,000. And most of the (non sim) games are also available for the consoles and look just about as good if you don't have the latest $600 world beating graphics card. As far as our particular realm here of flight sims - I don't know, are kids even fascinated by airplanes anymore? My cousins and nephews couldn't care less. Flight sims have been my main attraction since the 80's, but I didn't have Call of Duty as an option then either. I think the world in general has gotten into too much of an instant gratification mindset. Technology has removed so much waiting it's also skewed perception of "reasonable". I've spoken to kids just getting out of college that expect to just fall into $80,000 jobs. "Start at the bottom and move up? Screw that!". Good luck. Sorry, veering a little off topic.
  13. Nah, that's where the giant paintball gun in the tail comes in. It sprays backwards and covers up the seeker head so it can't track you.
  14. I forgot to add some of the ones I didn't fly as: Harrier, Jaguar, Tornado.
  15. +1 vote for the more modern scenario, as the previous early 80's sounded a lot like the Burning Sands '83 mod which used the F-15A, F-16A, F-111, A-10, can't remember if it had F-4's?, F-18A, F-14 and A-7 (from carriers). Plus the Reds had Mig-25's to go along with the 21's and others. It was really a good mod. There are a couple of "out there" elements to it, like the F-19 stealth and I got the occasional strike mission flying F-15A's, but I did the campaign a number of times flying different aircraft. I'd give the theater another go with modern forces!

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