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  1. @GKABS If you're using the Saitek profile-editor, could you post the profile? I would like to see if I can run with your profile for comparison
  2. Hi, I downloaded this profile from here, but for some reason it's not being picked up in the game. I tried with regenerated options.cfg but to no avail. If anyone has any ideas? Additionally what are the versions of the driver and profile editor to be used with Win10? Thanks, Michael
  3. As per tweet: at time of this post 17h 45m remaining ...
  4. Hi @beachav8r , could you provide the desaturated clouds as download? Thanks!
  5. @guuruu these are really nice screenshots and great progress. Has the model already been released (and where can I find it) or are you still in testing phase?
  6. In the update TK stated, there will be a patch. It will probably have to be paid for. Supporters may get it for free...
  7. never mind, it's been there the wohle time -> https://combatace.com/files/file/14622-sf2-x-52pro-profile/
  8. With the resurgent interest in SF2 - anyone around to help me with the Saitek x52 setup?!
  9. What I find interesting though is the download size: "Strike Fighters 2 Collection 2009 (DL)" was 768 MB and with SF2NA 470 I still get nowhere close to the 2.4 GB for the full download ...
  10. Got that taken care of and now downloading "Strike Fighters 2 Complete (DL)" ...
  11. hmm, 3 more DLCs and I should be entitled for the full download: Seems someone does not like the Hunter so much ...
  12. Maybe reborn MicroProse calls and TK will help create successors of Strike-Eagle, EAW, Fleet Defender, etc. Just dreaming though.
  13. Hi, anyone had a try at the new DLC for the PC version? Is it worth checking out? The price seems to have gone up quite a bit, standing at $24,95 currently ... Cheers,
  14. Well, as you said, store is up and running again. I used this to finally get AI planes 2 DLC. Unfortunately forums seem to be gone for certain.
  15. Links to the forum had been gone for months but only since about 2 weeks ago they are no longer accessible (http://bbs.thirdwire.com/phpBB/). There seem to be updates to the page, but store is gone, as well as the sf2 downloads section (https://store.thirdwire.com/mygames.php).

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