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  1. This should be rather problematic, given it is a mod of a commercial product?!
  2. Maybe add/move this to the knowledge base to be easily visible.
  3. Everyday I hope, TK collaborates with BahamutoD (VTOL VR) to give us great Simming (SF2 Campaigns & variety of aircraft) with VTOL VR graphics & control! Back to dreaming ...
  4. https://www.gog.com/game/european_air_war And currently at a nice 65% discount
  5. That's right, Wings was using "Direct Play". This was part of Directx at the time but later removed. It was quite buggy as well. I think TK is not a network specialist but rather focussing on the sim...
  6. I guess the cut they take is still too much for TK to live from. If it wasn't for the issue with the publisher StrategyFirst, putting the "Wings over ..." on gog would probably get some people to look for more ...
  7. If you can, checkout Strike Fighters (Modern Combat) on Google or Apple. The Windows 10 version is basically the same and I think only x-box controller is supported.
  8. Sorry for reviving it - I was just looking for a campaign with Royal Navy (Ark Royal) carrier actions with Phantoms and Buccaneers, probably ... This looked like a good candidate and I had the impression the campaign might have been released somewhere else since I could not find it in the downloads section.
  9. @Centurion-1 Is this campaign available for download somewhere?
  10. Could you summarize in one post which files needed to be modified (only the ship or also aircrafts)? Thanks
  11. Hmm, I wonder if TK wants to tell us something ...
  12. Hi, just a late heads-up: I finally had some time to look into the downloaded profile using text editor and compared with a new empty profile. With some trial-and-error I found only one item had to be changed: group "Flight Control System" needs to be renamed to "Pro Flight" and then the settings are working. This saves me the hazzle to having to program everything from scratch. [profile='SF PITkey' version=0x00000004 [controllers [controller=1f732691-3bc6-41ec-a977-c5bf0b03a3dc group='Pro Flight' [member=75bb6cc8-fb40-4be1-bf2b-4b10397a98a8 name=X52Pro shortname=X52Pro]
  13. Hi, when initially offered I was also missing 2 DLC. When I bought them I was able to download the complete edition.
  14. @GKABS If you're using the Saitek profile-editor, could you post the profile? I would like to see if I can run with your profile for comparison

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