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  1. Stupendous Louvert! A very nice, very clear map for navigation. A huge amount of work. I will certainly use it, many thanks! I guess the download version will be printable? B.
  2. WOFF FM Thread

    Edit (again) : the aluminium alloy pistons didn't dispense with the need for obturator rings (the 9Bf still had them).
  3. WOFF FM Thread

    Edit to above: for 7Z read 9Z! Also, to add - R&P changed from using cast iron pistons to aluminium alloy pistons at about the same time as Gwynnes, I think (as did Le Rhone and most other British aero engine manufacturers), so that might help explain the better performance of the RP a/c with the higher serial no. Also, as you can see, the early AR1/BR1 was not significantly better than the 're-pistoned' Clerget, until later improvements were made to the BR1 (including a higher compression ratio), and the Gwynnes 9Bf was comparable to the later BR1 in output and performance.
  4. WOFF FM Thread

    Loss of power in Clerget rotaries was mainly due to loss of compression from worn or badly fitting obturator rings - these needed replacing very frequently (about every 15 hours, if I recall correctly). Those made by Clerget appear to have been better engineered, and suffered less from this loss of compression, than those engines made under licence in France or England. Ruston & Procter (RP) made steam traction engines before the war, and built Clerget engines under licence for the RFC. Despite their lack of previous aero-engineering experience, their engines appear to have been better than those made by Gwynnes for the Admiralty (Gwynnes made marine pumps before the war). Gwynnes made both the 7Z and the 9B, and their reliability was so poor that Bentley was sent by the Admiralty to 'sort them out'. Amongst other improvements, he managed to persuade Gwynnes to replace the original Clerget cast iron pistons with aluminium alloy pistons, which dispensed with the need for obturator rings (as the aluminium alloy was better at distributing the heat). After Bentley had left to work on his BR1, Gwynnes worked with Clerget engineers to produce the 9Bf that also used aluminium alloy pistons (which also had no need for the obturator rings). The 'good' Gwynnes Clerget in the above post may have been one of these later ones (at least, the serial number of the a/c is higher). You might find these threads from The Aerodrome forum of interest :) http://www.theaerodrome.com/forum/aircraft/40767-powerplant-sopwith-triplane.html http://www.theaerodrome.com/forum/aircraft/34659-sopwith-camel-f-1-engines-part-1-a.html http://www.theaerodrome.com/forum/aircraft/34660-sopwith-camel-f-1-engines-part-2-a.html B.
  5. Here are the Beta versions of the OFF Mod translated over to WOFF (with improvements!) AS before, there is an 'Active' and a 'Quiet' version. They are packed for JSGME, unzip and pop the Active and Quiet SEctor (two folders) into JSGME MODS folder. Activate 'Quiet' Sector Mod when WOFF Campaign tells you that you are in a quiet sector, deactivate 'Quiet' Sector Mod and replace with 'Active' Sector Mod when the WOFF Campaign tells you that you are in an active sector or have transitioned from quiet to active and vice versa. If not using JSGME just copy the relevant (Quiet or Active Sector) BritishBomberMissionTypes1915.txt file over the existing one in the WOFF OBDWW1 Over Flanders Fields - campaigns - CampaignData folder (keep a copy of original WOFF file for backup). Please post here if you have any problems. B. BritainBomberMissionTypes1915.zip
  6. I have taken out the mission causing the problems (Contact Patrol and Bombing), and tested the rest - all seems OK now, at least flying the BE2. DukeIronHand, no the OFF mission mod will not work in WOFF - but the one below should work. I have had to make changes, as the function of the mission files have changed. Have been able to work out some of those changes (I think!) but still puzzling over others. I don't want to make too many changes until I understand it a little better, as each change might have unintended consequences... so I am sticking to 2-seater missions in 1915, that benefit from a little added variety. BritainBomberMissionTypes1915.txt
  7. I have deleted my post with the modified missions, as they seem to create problems with WOFF.... will have to do some more testing, sorry B.
  8. Glad you like it Buddy I can't work out how to create lone-wolf type missions (i.e. ordinary mission types, but with no other flight members), as I think "Lone Wolf" missions are now called up by some other bit of code in WOFF (as Transfer and Scramble missions are). I haven't looked in detail at the mission files for 1916-1918, and I am a bit wary about changing these at the moment as the way in which the mission types function has been changed in WOFF - each squadron has a 'primary role' now that interacts with the mission folder, so that a primary role of Reconnaissance (the predominant one for two seaters in 1915) will now only select those missions coded 'Reccy' in the mission files. I have added back Art.Obs. missions to this type, as in 1915 that level of differentiation wasn't there yet (might even add back the combat air patrol and balloon attack types, that you currently only get if you select 'Fighter' as your pilot type) although you will find these are rare - mostly tactical and long reconnaissance, with a few of the other types to add spice. Use of W/T and Camera equipment was in its infancy in 1915, and the BE2 in use was mainly the earlier type with the 90 or 100 hp Renault or RAF1A engine rather than the RAF4 engine, and the Parasol was similarly limited in HP, so carrying extra weight (bombs, camera, wireless set) meant that the Observer had to be left behind - so you get the instructions to ditch ammo. You can, if you want, give bombs, camera or W/T to another flight member and make then ditch the ammo, and so become part of their escort if you want to play it this way I will do a German version for 1915, and probably a French one as well, and maybe bundle them with the OFF Weather mod (more detailed Weather for 1915, as the WOFF 1915 weather, although much better than the original OFF version, is still not as good IMO) to make a 1915 Mod, but nothing more at the moment as I want to spend my time playing the sim. at the moment. Here is a version of the 1915 Weather Mod that I have made for WOFF - I have an older system, so it is optimised for someone (i.e. me) struggling with low FPS, another reason that I am sticking to 1915 at the moment. It reduces air activity, making the 'Light' setting in Workshop 'Super Light'. If anybody wants the 1915 Weather Mod with the original air activity settings for WOFF back in I can do this as well. The old AA and MG Rate of Fire mods are unnecessary now: the AA now uses a less lethal shell more suited to WW1 than the 88mm Flak shell used in OFF, and accuracy changes with time; and Rate of Fire (at least for the Vickers) also increases from c. 350 rpm in 1915 to c. 700 rpm in 1918. OFFHistoricalWeather1915.txt
  9. Javito, they are here OFF Pilot Personality Profiles.rtf
  10. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0076rrr Bletchley
  11. Hello J9 Witzer :) OFF is best for single player campaign play - very much like an updated RB3D in this respect, particularly with the mods that are available (check out Lothar's OFFice super mod, but this requires both OFF and HITR). OFF: you can order the DVD disc, view PC specs and download the HITR expansion pack from here: http://www.overfland...ds.com/info.htm Most old RB online players have gravitated to RoF (Rise of Flight) for online play - plenty of squads that you can join, although I don't think there is much in the way of organised campaigns. Google 'Rise of Flight' and you will find the site, where you can check out the squads: the basic demo version of the game is free, but you pay for extra aircraft (I think you just get two with the demo version) and additional features. Bletchley (RAF28/US95 Bletchley) Edit: You will also need CFS3 - best version to buy is the DVD version, as once OFF has extracted the files that it needs from this you do not need a disc in the drive to play OFF (you do not need to even install CFS3, just put the DVD disc in the drive when the OFF installer requests it: then you can shelve it or even sell it). OFF + HITR costs about $30 now, discounted as WOFF (OFF2) is in the wings, but has been for some time (no release date yet). CFS3 DVD is very cheap on Amazon or ebay. B.
  12. Me too, I have just been taking a bit of a rest from OFF whilst it has been so quiet :) Bletchley
  13. Hello Mr.Lucky, if it says that there is activity elsewhere but not in your area, then you are in a Quiet sector. Bletchley

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