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  1. AIM-97A Seekbat for SF2

    What if Mod : AIM-97A Seekbat for SF2

    1) History
        Studied by General Dynamics, the Seekbat tested under the designation XAIM-97 was a USAF 
        attempt to field a long range AAM for intercepting the Foxbat.
        This 590 kg air-to- air weapon was a SAHM. Its speed was Mach 3+ and its range was 90 km.
        The Seekbat was another Standard missile derivate...

    2) Installation
        This AAM uses the AGM-78 LOD file from Strike Fighters 2.
        I have repainted the tile and created the needed files with the TW Weapon Editor.

        Put the "Objects" folder to your SF2 Directory

        In order to fire it you could fly the Thirdwire F-15A and you need edit the data.ini of the plane 
        and add "SAHM" entry to this file :
            // Weapon Stations --------------------------

    3) What if story 
        1980 over Europe : the AIM-97A Seekbat is in operational service !

    Its your turn now !

    Coupi ;)


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  2. New canopy structure for the F-35A, F-35B and F-35C

    New canopy structure for the F-35A, F-35B and F-35C v1.1.0

    Important ! At first I would like to thank GKABS who was so kind to create 
    this FakePilot element. 

    Indeed, this mod uses the FakePilot method.

    This is mainly an update for the F-35A/B/C Lightning II V 2.5 for SF2 by 
    FastCargo : 

    Before using this mod you must install the F-35s.
    The mod contains:
    - the F-35 data.ini files for each 3 versions of the Lightning II fighter.
    - The GKABS mod
    - The FakePilot mod
    - Update by Paulopanz (see NOTAM) 

    NOTAM for v1.1.0 : 
    - the opening canopy animation of the F-35B is deleted 
    and the position of the new structure is updated with new texture.
    - by Paulo :
    - F-35A taxing dancing fixed [Baffmeister's tricks rule ...]
    - F-35B taxing dancing fixed [a better take off like Seaharrier or Yak-36 should nedeed]
    - F-35C taxing dancing fixed; medium carrier set [no LPD LPH etc usage like F-35B]; wingfold and canopy opened on deck [the addon parts are on pilot and not seat entries]

    In order to install it you must put the objects folder into your SF2 

    Best regards


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  3. USAFE 495th FS Skin for F-35A

    495th FS "Valkyries" (USAFE) Skin for F-35A v1.0.0

    On 15 September 2020, the USAF announced that the 495th Fighter Squadron would 
    be reactivated as first F-35A unit of the 48th Fighter Wing "Liberty Wing" at 
    RAF Lakenheath.
    The "Valkyries" received their first four F-35As on 15 December 2021.

    This skin must be used with the Strike Fighters 2.
    You should add this skin to the "SF2 USAF F-35 redux 1.0.0" by kblomkvist :
    I have created the main decals of this famous fighter squadron of the USAFE
    and I have used the DoctorWho F-35A/B skin templates. These decals are the early delivered
    F-35As for the "Liberty Wing".
    The original mod of the F-35 was made by FastCargo.

    In order to install this skin you have to put the Objects folder into your SF2 game 

    NOTAM :) I hope to finalize the integration of a new canopy front structure (Fakepilot method).

    Best regards,




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  4. Soviet Style Airfield for the "Desert" Terrain

    New painted Soviet style airfield for SF2 Desert terrain v1.0.0
    Based on an old mod (2005) for the early Strike Fighters game.
    This pack of tiles replace the parking and runways for the Thirdwire Desert airfield3.lod (P3 terrain for exemple).
    You put the content into the "StrikeFighter2" directory: StrikeFighters2/Terrains/Desert.
    If you are not satisfied you could delete the tiles from the Desert terrain folder.
    Important ! Only used with the Desert terrain of SF2 by Thirdwire.
    PM me if needed.
    Best regards,


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  5. MiG-25PD 'Foxbat-E' by Coyote Aerospace

    MiG-25PD 'Foxbat-E' by Coyote Aerospace v1.0.0
    We upload here a NEW MOD of the Soviet famous Fighter.
    This 'Foxbat-E' is a Veltro2k creation with skins by Coupi.
    It features 6 historical skins : Soviet (2) and 'exported' ones (4).
    - Installation
    Unzip, open the  folder and drop contents into desired mod folder.
    Allow overwrites if needed, weapons may be the only thing needed.
    - Credits
    Veltro2k: main beautiful model  :)
    Coupi : skin, decals and ini edits
    Boopidoo Aerospace : cockpit from his cute Sukhoi Su-15TM mod
    Pilot, missiles, rails and ejection seat : from several mods uploaded at CombatAce
    (excuse me... I don't remember their author)

    SF2 Complete Edition (version July 2013) waiting for the 'two weeks' ThirdWire W10 edition...
    On behalf of the Coyote Aerospace team, thank you for downloading this mod. 

    We hope you like it !



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  6. Repainted WW2 Pilot for P-51D

    A fast attempt in order to have a 'new' high altitude pilot for the P-51D Mustang 
    from the ooold WW2 pilot created in 2004.
    I don't know who has created the original WW2 Pilot mod ! Thanks to him.
    Note : in my opinion we need a cute new WW2 USAAF (high altitude/G force suite, mask, visor, etc...) pilot 
    for our beautiful P-51D mustangs (TW and  FastCargo ones).
    Lod file included
    Position for the TW P-51D : 0.000,-0.835,0.700
    Position for the FastCargo Mustang : 0.000,-0.875,0.665
    Many many thanks to modders and skinners for their beautiful works !!!
    Best regards


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  7. ETO Spitfire Mk.VA by TMF for SF2

    SF2 WW2 Spitfire Mk.VA by Coupi/Mod Mafia/TMF            5/10/2018
    = For SF2, Full-4/5 Merged (Reccomended/Preferred) =
    *Note: This mod may not work in SF/Wo* 1stGen game installs at any patch level, due to the excessive modifications made to fit them into the SF2 environment. End Users (tm) that attempt to do so, do so at their own risk.*
    This is a modification of the TMF Spitfire MK.1A to the early VA version; this mark uses the "A" wing with 8 303 caliber machine guns.
    This is the Vickers/Supermarine Spitfire Mk.VA. This pak contains skins/decal set for the following RAF Squadrons:
    No. 92
    There are 2 skins; one Dark Earth/Dark Green/Sky (pre-1942) and Medium Sea Gray/Dark Green/light grey for post-1942. The SF2 Date Switch is used to turn on the later skin in November, 1941
    All skins are in jpg format, Decal Randomization is TRUE. Serial numbers, while not matched to plane-in-squadron letters, are all correct for Mk.Vs used by 92 Squadron. Those marked with a star (*) fall into the correct sequencing for those aircraft built as the 8-gunned Va version.
    The canopy/entry door open with the Standard Animation Keystroke (tm), Shift/0. For those RAF Squadron listed in the game's SquadronList.ini, my 'fake sqtail' decal will activate their "Displayed Name" on the LoadoutScreen.
    When 'in game', you'll see 
    "Spitfire Mk.Va (TMF)" 
    on the aircraft drop-down selection window.  The Official Squadron Crest (tm) is used for the 'paint chip' for each skin.
    As always, fairly easy to follow, highly detailed install instructions are included. So, please READ them. Also, give the "Notes" section a read too for futher explinations, clarifactions, illuminations and so forth. 
    Good Hunting!

    As I always reccomend, unzip the "sf2_ww2_eto_spit5a_tmf_pak.zip" to a temp folder or your desktop or somewhere else that's easy to find
    Then, simply, copy/paste the Objects folder supplied directly =OVER= your existing /Objects folder.
    Copy/Paste the Sound folder over your existing /Sounds folder.
    Odds are, you have the engine sound already, but I like to upload as complete as possible products
    You'll probably be asked "OVERWRITE?", just say Yes. 
    I've already seperated out the various folders (Aircraft, Decals, etc), so they'll drop right where they're supposed to be.
    Historically, No.164 Argentine-British also flew the Va. They used the "FJ" code on their aircraft. I'm sure there are other units, but haven't been able to run them down accurately. So, it's easier to just stay with No.92, as the Vb & c cannon armed versions were soon in service.
    As this aircraft LOD lacks the hardpoints the Mk.V had, I've used  the Fake Pilot Method (tm) to add ONLY the centerline station for a drop tank.
    Coupi for the idea and all major ini work (Many thanks to Wrench!!!)
    Bpao for the aircraft
    Kesselbrut for the cockpit
    PappaRomeo for the modded EAW gunsight pak, the RAF Mk II used here
    AVHistory for the Merlin engine sound
    Me ("Bob") for some new serial decals and ini Work, and the MSG/DG skin
    I'm not even gonna try to find all my RAF Spit books....
    Happy Hunting!
    Legal BS:
    This is freeware; it CANNOT be re-distrubuted even if the original readmes and all other pieces of the package remain intact.
    This aircraft is fully owned by The Mirage Factory/Mod Mafia. 
    Skins for this aircraft can be made, with no permissions needed
    The names of all contributors, modders, suppliers, etc =MUST= be listed in any new readmes.
    This package may NOT in any way, shape or form be used in any payware additions. 
    Bribes are accepted; ask for the day's going rates


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  8. Modified Stary WW2 Italian Generic Cockpit

    Modified Stary G-55 Cockpit v1.0
    For your WW2 SF2 install,
    1) You need:
    - Just a little mod for the WW2 Fiat G-55 created by Veltro2k and
    well updated by Wrench:
    (a) http://combatace.com/topic/85711-sf2-ww2-mto-fiat-g-55-by-
    - My job was to use and modify the beautiful Stary G-55 cockpit named:
    (b) http://combatace.com/files/file/12014-ww2-generic-stand-in-cockpits-pack/
    2) My modifications:
    - San Gorgio Tipo C reticule
    - Modified FG-55.ini file
    - Modified EARLY_WW2_COCKPIT_2.ini
    - Modified FG-55_Data.ini
    3) You have to do:
    - Install the Wrench mod (a)
    - Put into the 'FG-55' folder the Stary cockpit mod (b)
    - Put into the 'FG-55' my modified files and overwrite
    4) All Crédits to:
    Many thanks Veltro2k, Wrench and Stary for your mods,
    and mue for his LODviewer Tool.
    Good flight!


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  9. Repaint Wolf Fw 190 Cockpit v1.0

    Alternative visual Wolf357 Fw 190 Cockpit
    v1.0 (02.23.2014)
    Only repainting cockpit tiles job for the Fw 190 lover:!
    Put the cockpit folder into the your Fw 190 folder and overwrite (Back up before),
    Included, alternative REVI Gunsight.
    Best regards
    Tested into mt SF2 WW2 install with the Fw 190A-1 mod by Wrench:
    Credit: Wolf cockpit


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  10. SF2NA - Yak-38M Flag Blue Skin

    Yak-38M Soviet Flag Blue Skin v1.0
    with Flogger23 Yellow Black numbers
    For SF2NA based install (March 2012)
    Tested "ok" in my SF2/SF2NA fully merged - version march 2012
    I have tried to add flag to the blue skin for the Yak-38M modded by Guepard.
    Put the "SOVIETFLAGBLUE1" folder in the modded Yak-38M folder.
    Put the "SovietNumYB" folder in the Decals folder
    Many thanks Guepard for your Yak-38M
    Thank you Flogger23 for your soviet numbershttp://combatace.com/topic/71378-yak-38m/
    Thank you very much TK Team Thirdwire for SF2NA/Yak-38




  11. SF2NA - Yak-38M Grey Skin

    Yak-38M Soviet Grey Skin v2.0
    New version with the Yellow Black numbers created by Flogger23.
    For SF2NA based install (March 2012)
    Tested "ok" in my SF2/SF2NA fully merged - version march 2012
    I have tried to create the grey skin for the Yak-38M modded by Guepard.
    Put the "SOVIETGREY1" folder in the modded Yak-38M folder.
    Put the "SovietNumYB" folder in the Decals folder
    Many thanks Guepard for your Yak-38M
    Thank you Flogger23 for your soviet numbers
    Thank you very much TK Team Thirdwire for SF2NA/Yak-38




  12. Shahak Alternative Scope Radar Version 1.0

    Shahak Alternative Scope Radar Version 1.0 (November 2010) for Strike Fighter 2 Israel.
    This is my first attempt in order to create an alternative Scope Radar for the Thirdwire "Shahak" fighter aircraft.
    To install it, you must extract the "Cockpit" folder of the RAR archive.
    If you are under Windows Vista or Windows 7, put it in: Saved Games/ThirdWire/SF2I/Objects/Aircraft/Shahak.
    Last year I saw a Mirage IIIC cockpit picture. Then I decided to try to modify the Thirdwire Shahak scope radar "bmp" file.
    My little "work" needs improvement. But I would like to share this first version with you!!!


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