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  1. You'd probably be much better helped over on subsim.com as it's the default hangout for Bubblehead sims. They also host a few files from back in the day so to speak ie., Projekt Messerwetzer for online between DC and SH2 or the Pacific Aces mod for SH2.
  2. Combat Ace Milestone

    Congrats Combatace! I've been lurking on and off for years since it was Biohaz and have stuck with TK and this place forever now it seems. An additional thanks to Dave for being the host of the place since Jeff split and the SOURCE for all things Thirdwire other than the Forums there. I really do appreciate it man! There's a lot of great guys who habitate here who've put their cash,time and very hard work into the creations hosted here.
  3. It's letting me download it through the in- game patcher.
  4. Nobody noticed it's MontyCZ birthday?!

    Happy BDay Monty!!! Quite a few of the readme credits on my installed mods mention the Monty, and I would sorely miss his contributions.
  5. Hey Dave.... Just got over a similar situation myself. In my case I had to run some of the "traffic" sliders back to the left a bit. It was having display issues in the viewer before you take off ,and then in the Cockpit I could hear sounds but no vid. You didn't mention your system specs. but FYI I'm running FSX SP1 under Aug. 07 DX, XP Pro SP2, ATI 1900XTX w/ Cat 7.9's 2X AA and 16X AF through ATI tool on an Nvidia 570 board with an AMD 5600+ and 2 gigs of Patriot DDR 6400. Like I said,I bumped up the traffic to 30% from 20% across the board and my results were exactly the same as I've just described. If there's any testing or help I can give ya just send a com my way and I'd be glad to help.
  6. I'd like to extend most HEARTIEST thanks to whoever the powers were that got Combatace back up and I guess its' time to pony up as it were.......$
  7. Actually quite a bit of work continues on Jane's FA/18, there should be linkage somewhere here in their section...look for Team Super Hornet or more popularly TSH. I f you can lay your hands on both Jane's F-15 and FA/18 you're in luck as far as Carrier Stuff goes.....(IMHO-Meekly!) Otherwise, you can use FS2004 with the ARRCAB proggie that comes with FlightDeck,it has the ability to let you use ANY tricycle mounted (ie. Nosewheel,Maingear) AC. As to the original question , look to even UBI who are actually promoting Oleg's "DVD"!. OFF for CFS3, continual AC and terrains for F/S or CFS on the Flight Sim sites, let's not forget SFP1 and WoV. 'Taint dead. Far from it. There is quite a Community out here who spend a good deal on Hardware to run this stuff on, it sorta' drives the industry. Not to mention a few talented individuals who take Very Hard Earned time off from their lives to give us things that didn't come in the box.
  8. X45 to X52

    No Prob. It isn't a "bad" stick but it doesn't add much in functionality,and quite frankly if your 45 still works well it isn't worth the cost. .................plus I miss my rocker switch..............
  9. 9600XT Upgrade

    Hey Pete, If you don't mind, what titles are you running? I just ordered a Leadtek 6800GT to replace my 9700 PRO. Did you move from ATI to NVIDIA? I'm gonna post over on TK's Forums too to see what gains (if any) to expect in SFP1 and WOV. I know that its going to tank at Silent Hunter III,but I'm really looking forward to water=3 in Pac. Fighters
  10. X45 to X52

    While I'll drop in my 2c. I went from an X45 to a X52 due to the cables and connections getting wonky on the 45,and the lack of bucks for a Cougar. Functionally speaking,the 52 is a bit looser feeling in the stick and of course the rudder axis is on the stick now. It does use Hall sensors so no more spiky pots,but I never had a prob. with the 45. Software wise the profiler is a little bit clearer,and the"clutch" button is a nice feature to be able to check which button does what during use.(Although I did crash X2 The Threat once by screwing around with it too much ) All in all a good stick,but make sure you get a higher serial number to avoid some probs. with the EPROM (Calibration Errors) in the earlier editions. Also, the virtual mouse still DOES NOT WORK and will need to be disabled in device manager. Saitek is supposedly working on new drivers,but given their history (Remember XP Driver delay?) I wouldn't hold my breath on that. In closing it's a very good INEXPENSIVE hotas,but it won't hold a candle to CH or Cougar.

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