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  1. Sept 11th 2001

    My thoughts are with the thousands murdered on 9/11 and their families, my thoughts are with the courageous people who lost their life in the war on terror. If there will be a god, please take good care for them. In quiet devotion Tomas
  2. What do you Drive?

    Opel Signum 1.9 CDTI (diesel engine) horse power 150.....enough for 210km/h (about 130mph) automatic transmission air condition gps navigation system mp3 audio player 114000km on the clock it´s a good glider for the german autobahn....U know we don´t have speed limits here. Greetings from Bavaria Tomas
  3. engine....weight....performance [but that´s not technical ;-)] and if U wanna be a bad bad guy U can call the PQM-102A the best 102-variant but i like both....they R both beautiful birds
  4. F-16 Glider

    This landing was really a "job well done". Breathing was related to the situation normal imo that was just a stress situation and for that the pilot was really cool greetings from bavaria....this is near germany ;-) Tomas
  5. Hi Malibu, nice work You have done there....makes real fun Just one question....can U tell me where I can find the Soviet Artillery Pack? ThanX Tomas
  6. Using the WHOLE runway...

    Hi there. The Candid is designed to use unprepared runways....so what ;-) But at all a nice video of this wodka burner ;-) I´ve seen them in Trollenhagen (IATA-Code FNB).....these are real russian planes....rasped out of a solid piece of metal Tomas
  7. Malibu U R doing a great work ....keep going....can´t wait to see the result
  8. Hi there, I would like to see more WP-elements. And maybe something like Red Storm Rising, if possible. Some people here are also requesting more carriers....sounds good, but what about a whole Carrier Battle Group or a Marine Expeditionary Unit? You guys make a great work....congrats
  9. IR BVR Missiles

    Hmm....that were all the information I could get...sorry but I´m not an airforce guy, just a simple Major of signals corps german army
  10. IR BVR Missiles

    @MigBuster why launching the IR missile first? simple....if the first to go would be the radar missile, the IR missile would lock on the hot exhaust of the radar missile. to all :-) imagine....you were tracked by radar...maybe at a distance of 40km.....the radar is gone....and you think "well the bastard is gone"....suddenly a few seconds later your a** explodes and than YOU are gone What happened? the bandit took just a short look where You are....the switched off his radar.....launched an IR missile into your direction....just for fun or as a try....the IR missile will be guided into your direction by its own inertial guidance system....10km ahead it will switch on its own IR sensor...will find You and.......boom.
  11. IR BVR Missiles

    that´s correct....although the range is more 60 than 80 km (Source: MBDA) MICA was developed to replace R.550 and Super 530.....and so our french comrades developed a misssile with both options, IR and radar. They just have to change the head section. Maybe this solution made it cheaper at all. ALso both have a reardata-link receiver for guidance. But that is not really new to have a missile which affords both options....have a look at R-3 / R-13 / R-131 aka AA-2 ATOLL or R-23 aka AA-7 APEX or R-40 aka AA-6 ACRID.
  12. IR BVR Missiles

    who ever said that french and russians are logical? Maybe at first tracking by radar, second IFF and when identified as foe.....hit him. Normally the russian / soviet attack profil was first to engage with an IR second and directly after the IR engage with the radar misslie.
  13. Yuupiiiii! Quarter Finals here we go!

    omg......germany vs. turkey was not really a good match.....from my german point of view....the german team played awful.....the turks where much better than expected and sometimes i had the feeling to see the match germany vs. croatia again. too less aggression, where was the midfield? but all 5 goals where great and finally we made it. let´s see who will be our opponent in vienna.....i would prefer spain.
  14. If U would ask me.....keep going...I love it
  15. Sorry guys, maybe i´m blind but i can´t find the e-2 hawkeye. could anybody help me....please. ThanX

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