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  1. Mirage 2000-N

  2. Even if I'm still running 1st generation of the game, here's my little contribution to Stary's fantastic edited shots
  3. Those edited pics really kick ass Stary !
  4. I had this kind of issue too, someone gave me the trick, and it fixed 95% of the weird movments of my helicopters. 1- Open your (helicopter)_DATA.INI 2- scroll down to this line: [AircraftData] ... >>EmptyInertia=8238.342,4678.712,12917.054 ... 3- add a "0" before each decimal. For example: EmptyInertia=82380.342,46780.712,129170.054 4- then save, and fly. I don't know if it will help but for me it did
  5. it's a SR-XB-70 Tupoconcordlev Spaceshipski ?
  6. This is what we call "the French touch", you know with the beret, the baguette and stuff like that just kidding .. Anyway good job "Fustav "
  7. Thank you very much Lexx ! Your tweak works perfectly, Now I can enjoy my helos and my heavies
  8. Oh believe me, if it was me, I would run the 2nd gen of the game (I even bought it), but my actual laptop doesn't want to ! I started to have some serious graphic issue with the 08 patches and all the patches that followed, so ... Thanks a lot Lex, I'll try it this evening after work !
  9. Thanks for your help but I tried what you said with no success.. Taking the C-123B as a testbed: [FlightControl] StallSpeed=43.18 CruiseSpeed=85.45 ClimbSpeed=62.15 CornerSpeed=62.15 LandingSpeed=47.22 MaxG=3.00 MaxSpeedSL=113.9 MachLimit=0.68 PitchDamper=0.8 >>> I tried to set it to 1 then 10 then 100 RollDamper=0.8 YawDamper=2.0 Changing the value of the PitchDamper only results in "locking" the pitch of the aircraft. But those vertical little tremblings/shakings are still here giving me headache.. Strangely the C-119 only shakes a little, while the AC-119K has the same issue than the others. But I couldn't find anything out in comparing the data.ini's.
  10. Hi everyone I've a very upsetting issue with 90% of the latest multi engine mods (C-119 / C-123 / C-5 / C-17...) and 90% of the helos. Here's the thing: While on the runway, I push the throttle, the aircraft starts to move normally, the speed increases and then, just before reaching the take off speed, my aircraft stars to shake so hard that I can barely control it ! The weird thing is that when I switch on the "autopilot" or "wing leveler" the mod flies smoothly. The same thing happens with the helos, except for the ones of the Malvina's pack. I'm running WOE, still 06 patched I guess there's something to tweak in the data.ini, because few of the recent cargos work fine, like the AN-22 and the Constellation.
  11. Spy shots of 2 taxiing Ligthnings taken from behind the fence of the Reykjavik airbase. Mid 80's. Merry Xmas everyone ;)
  12. super boulot, c'est impressionnant de ressemblance !

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