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  1. Yep NeverEnough that worked many thanks for that ! Thanks Sundowner that worked and many Phanks for these F-4s ! Phantoms Phorever !!!!
  2. Ok thanks I will give that a go and see what happens.
  3. Hi I can't get the F-4K_75_TMF or F-4K_RAF to appear the other F-4Ks all appear in the drop down menu and are flyable. Anyone got any ideas? Thanks Many Phanks for these F-4s !
  4. F-4K_TMF_OCT26_2015

    Thanks for these Phantoms. Great work. Not sure if it is me but i can't get the radar to work on the F-4K_78_TMF and F-4K_85_TMF. They do not switch on/off and changing modes makes no changes. Anyone have any ideas ! Phanks ! http://combatace.com/topic/87481-f-4k-tmf-oct26-2015/just found this update so all ok now...thanks
  5. Nice is this skin available for download....Thanks
  6. They look great ! Phantoms Phorever ! http://www.thephantomshrine.co.uk
  7. brilliant...many thanks for this! Phantoms Phorever !!!!
  8. Hi I have tried it SF2 and it worked ok as far as I could see!
  9. Cool...are these available to download had a look couldn't find them ! Thanks
  10. Hi Has any one had confirmation that it was an RF-4, because I have been informed it was a F-4E 2020. Thanks
  11. Looking forward to this love the Hawk ! Thanks

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