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  1. Just happy it wasn't me

    man that hurts to see that....that is some gorgeous iron there
  2. UK women are 'fattest in Europe'

    How are fat girls like mopeds? Their both fun to ride but you don't want your friends catching you out on em
  3. Osama and His 72 "Virgins"

  4. TOP GEAR Spitfire Challenge

    great find!
  5. Any chance that someone could do a model of the batwing from the 89 Batman movie...that would rock all
  6. The Walking Dead

    i love anything zombie (usually) and this was no exception but i actually see this having an appeal to a larger audience....definitely will be catching more of this show
  7. Absolutely love the skin! Just having a problem with it...any ideas tips or suggestions? I'm flying it using WOI
  8. RF-111G

    Great Bird....absolute blast to fly!
  9. A-6E USMC

    oh and thats for WOI...sorry
  10. A-6E USMC

    Love the plane I'm just getting a couple of visual errors with the plane. Any ideas?
  11. Great plane just having 2 issues with Wings Over Israel. The canopy automatically opens and I can't figure out how to close it, and can't get the F-100D canopy to work. Any advice?

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