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  1. Unbelievable...

    Good... nobody was working in Mirage 2000-5 french or brazilian? it's a cool plane
  2. EF-2000 Progress

    Ching kuo from Taiwan is a beatiful plane...
  3. When will release the 1.0 or beta version?
  4. French Mirage crashes in ocean

    Men, the frenches are crazy.. go on youtube and see they "show"...
  5. EF-2000 Progress

    Other plane very cool is F-20 Tigershark(A F-5E improved)
  6. Your Favorite Real Aircraft and Why?

    Men... WWII in Axis Side i love BF-109, and in Allies side 25% P-40,25% Spitfire, 25% P-47, ande 25% P-51. in Cold War i like F-4 phantom, and Mig-25.. in recently years Su-35 and F-16 are my "passions"...
  7. EF-2000 Progress

    Great... last to do one pack with EF-2000,Grippen,Su-35,Dassault Rafale,F-35...
  8. im waiting

    im waiting too... i wish not too requirements for game play.. hope my Pc run it.
  9. SuperEF2000

    where is this?
  10. F-35A

    VEery good plane.
  11. Whats Your Favorite Airplane Movie

    Hard kill 4.0
  12. EF-2000 Progress

    Nice. planes i wanna see on SFP-1 are: SR-71 JAS Gripen Tu-160 black jack
  13. EF-2000 Progress

    this plane is for Woe-WoV or Project one?
  14. Dassault Rafalle

    Well, to do rafale isn't hard, is just use a Mirage III or Mirage 5 and remodel... But, Typhoon is best than
  15. Well, now last to do the weapons work. Agora só falta fazer as armas funcionarem.

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