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  1. Chief, I took this bird for a flight test and I always start in the air..huge drop in my frame rate (I never had this prob before). I took out the F-89C.shd file and things went back to normal. as far as problems during take-off...I dunno, I can't seem to start my single missions on the runway.
  2. Excellent cloud textures dagger...where can I DL this? Also, are the terrain tileset from deuce's or an entirely different one?
  3. Thanks for the reply Cylix...does that mean it is possible to hit other ground targets by means of radar lock? like an odd instance wherein a sparrow locked onto a tank. I hope you don't mind me taking the liberty to skin your agm...just couldn't resist :D Thank you for this mod and I look forward to your future add-ons.
  4. Hey Cylix Check this out! I'm firing an AGM-86B Thermonuclear Warhead. Is there a way to have an actual nuclear yield??? That way we don't have to aim this ALCM, just drop it close to the target :D :D :D
  5. I have to say thank you to you wpnssgt ... this is one of my much anticipated planes to DL. Great work! It feels like flying a big, lumbering giant. Again TY very much! :D
  6. I just count my blessings and very thankful that there are fltsimmers like ArmourDave out there who unselfishly give their time and talent and share their creations with the community. THANK YOU FOR THE "THUD" ARMOURDAVE. :D
  7. More Galen Thurber fun...

    Hi Guys, I just read MadJeff's post and I must say I feel very bad for him and offer my support. I joined Biohaz because I find that there is a very welcoming community here. A day after I joined ... this GT guy joined up and during that time "inappropriate" postings were flying back forth. I remember that MadJeff stepped in right away and took the right decision to lock the thread. My conclusion is MJ is fair and firm to everybody. It is not right to advocate peace by means of inciting hate. I think a majority of us Canadians would agree to that.
  8. I was flying an anti-ship mission and I forgot to arm my bombs before I pressed the button...since there are no sound cues for bomb release, bomb whistle and watersplashes...it was too late to correct my mistake on that run. So I decided to try to add these sound effects. Unfortunately, I could not figure out how to add the bomb release/whistle but I did manage to add a nice watersplash sound effect. Near misses on a ship never sounded better than this! :D
  9. Sorry to hear that...the ClusterBomb.wav is 703 kb, pretty big compared to the .wav files that come with the game. Pair this up with a sizable blast effect, I could understand the slowdown (I have no slowdowns with Strike Fighters, I'm using a 1gig ram though). Try this one out...I cut more than half of its size, you can still have multiple explosions albeit a short one. When you drop it in your Sounds folder, just rename it again to ClusterBomb.
  10. No prob pcpilot! Let me know if it does work for you.
  11. Hi galanti, Just sent a long message to your PM to try to answer your questions. Let me know if you figured out the bug. The effects & the sound is working well in my computer...
  12. Man Oh Man is right! Great pics...I love the Cat...so I think I will vote for all of them...is that possible!?! :?
  13. No Prob! Raven. Glad to Help. :D

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