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  1. SF2 F-111B "Dominator"

  2. AF-1 (A-4) Brazilian Navy

  3. Su-30Mk2

  4. Resolved the issue updating the game with the latest patch (November 2011)...
  5. Edit: my IR weapons are ok, radar doesn't work - even a clean SF2 install can't solve the problem... :/
  6. Hi Guys! I have an issue: my radar guided weapons dont fire at all, like the AIM-7, or AIM-120... By the way, the radar ones are just fine, but actually I'm limited to use AIM-9 family for AA engagements. Any ideas? Kind regards, JohnnyD2
  7. AF-1 (A-4) Brazilian Navy

    Show de bola! Queria decolar com ele de um porta-aviões... tem jeito? Abçs
  8. Silverbolt, mandou bem d+!!! []'s JohnnyD2
  9. Quick question: I'm having an issue with weapons in WOI... before installing 3rd party planes like F-14A and onthers, extracting weaponsdata.ini and editing it... then checking everything on WeaponEditor... the missiles and fuel tanks just doesnt work, even with them properly installed with skins and LOD files. Some times in long missisions I ran out of fuel without the extra tanks, and out of ammo without killers like AIM-120 or AIM-54. Thats odd!!! Any sugestions to solve this?! Best regards, JohnnyD2

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